10 Reasons to Live in Cambridge, Massachusetts

10 Reasons to Live in Cambridge, Massachusetts

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There are few cities with a population of under 120,000 people that have as much to offer as Cambridge.

This city just outside of downtown Boston has all the benefits of a large city without the massive crowds. If you’re thinking about moving here, we can tell you why that’s a good idea!

Let’s talk about some things to do in Cambridge and why you should consider living in Cambridge, MA.

Cambridge is a trendy city that is only growing in population. More and more people are moving to the greater Boston area, and Cambridge is becoming a hub of its own.

Cambridge has ample job opportunities, plenty of excellent schools, and a lot to offer young professionals. This is one reason why it’s becoming such a popular stopping point for young people.

Major investments have been made in recent years to the infrastructure in the area, which has turned the city into a modern metropolis without the crowds.

Just don’t get confused. Cambridge is not technically a neighborhood in Boston like Dorchester or Allston. Cambridge is its own town just north of the Boston area, directly across the Charles River.

2. Walk/Bike-Friendly

If you don’t want to rely on public transportation or your own vehicle, then you’re in luck!

Cambridge has sidewalks on just about every street. They’re also ramping up investments in bike paths throughout the city, along with its neighbors in Somerville and Boston.

3. Things to Do in Cambridge

For a small city, Cambridge has a vibrant restaurant culture and nightlife. During the day, you will have an easy trip to museums, historical sites, parks, shopping, and college tours.

Talk to the locals around the area and see what they do for fun. The town is full of young professionals and college students, so there is usually a lot going on.

4. Coffee Shops

Cambridge has no shortage of amazing coffee shops to offer, and they aren’t just Dunkin’ Donuts.

If you aren’t from New England, you may be surprised by just how many Dunkin’ Donuts there are throughout the greater Boston area. However, there are also plenty of excellent “mom and pop” cafes in the area.

Especially between Harvard and MIT, you will find plenty of retro coffee shops, each with its own unique vibe. Here, you will find free WiFi and plenty of young students and freelancers getting their work done!

5. History Buffs Rejoice

Eastern Massachusetts has some of the most historical sites per square mile out of anywhere in the country. Although Deleware was technically the first state, the United States was essentially started right here.

Between Cambridge and Boston, you will find dozens of historical sites, monuments, museums, and bookstores that offer insight into this unique region of the country.

While the city was founded in 1846, settlers had been occupying the city for much longer. You’ll be able to feel connected with the history of the region simply by walking around and looking around at all of the old buildings!

6. Great Housing Options

Cambridge’s housing tends to be more spacious than housing in Boston for similar (or even cheaper) pricing.

However, keep in mind that not all apartments are the same. Take a look at apartments for rent in the area for a better idea of what to expect!

7. Easy Travel to Boston

If you don’t want to live in Boston but you want easy access to the city, Cambridge is definitely one of the nicer surrounding towns. It also still has the city feel and many of the perks of a city without all the noise and traffic of downtown Boston.

A trip to anywhere in Boston is just a quick cross over the Charles via car, train, or bus.

What if you are heading to an area like Back Bay, Boston University, or Government Center? A trip from Cambridge might be even quicker than it would be from certain parts in Boston, as they are right near the Charles.

8. Top College Town

Cambridge takes “college town” to an entirely new level.

The two top schools in the country are located in this small city — namely, MIT and Harvard. These schools come with plenty of things to do, a lively intellectual culture, and a highly-skilled workforce.

9. Industry

Cambridge is nothing if not industrial. For a small city, they have some of the most advanced industrial companies in the country headquartered or operating here.

Biology labs and technology labs are as common as Dunkin’s around the city (last one, we swear).

Due to the highly skilled workforce and excellent schools in the city, the average salary in Cambridge is $90,000. This is roughly twice the national average!

10. Beauty & Charm

Cambridge is undeniably a beautiful city with a mix of modern and old colonial architecture, plenty of trees, and the ocean right beside you.

If you want to live in a city but you don’t want to miss out on all that nature has to offer, then Cambridge is for you. Cambridge has many parks, trees, and walking trails throughout the city.

For truly beautiful scenery, take a walk, bike, or run alongside Memorial Drive, which runs along the Charles River. Here, you will see some of the greatest views of the Boston skyline. Pro tip: It’s even better at night!

You Could Be Living in Cambridge, MA!

If you’re thinking about living in Cambridge, MA, then you’re in luck.

Cambridge is an up-and-coming city with a lot to offer for being so small. If you’re looking for a great education or a high-paying job, then this is the place for you.

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