5 Best Toy Choices for 2-3-Year-Olds


As your child grows, their play needs change. Kids about the age of three have developed motor skills and can accomplish various tasks by themselves. These include; completing puzzles, building blocks, and more. What’s more? Kids in this age bracket enjoy playing with friends and will appreciate fun yet colorful toys around them. They are also very active and will enjoy the push and pull toys with real sounds.

Here are the top toys to buy for a 2-3 year old child:

1. Large toy cars

These are excellent choices for kids who fancy trucks, cars, construction toys. Toy cars form a significant part of lego toys from Oryvo in Dubai and benefit kids in numerous ways. They encourage interaction between kids. They also improve their creativity skills and motor skills achieved from moving the cars and trucks around. Go for colorful yet larger pieces that can move at a fast speed. The toys should also feature sound buttons and sirens to keep your child more engaged.

2. Dolls& Stuffed animals

Dolls and stuffed animals are kid’s favorites. They come in different sizes, and you can always get the most suitable one for your child. Stuffed animals are also excellent choices. Kids get attached to them, thanks to their cuddly nature. They are also soft and will make your child feel very comfortable. Why are they essential? Doll play activities help kids develop social processing skills such as empathy.

3. Puzzles

Puzzles are great activities for kids. They can help your child develop their brainpower, use logic and develop problem-solving skills. For 2-year-olds, begin with fewer pieces like 5-16 piece puzzles with large pieces. Choose simple, bright, and clear images with high contrast. You can also pick from a variety of materials like wood or cardboard. Examples of fun puzzles are jigsaw, floor, peg, chunky, know, and frame puzzles.

4. Musical instruments

Musical instruments are unique play gadgets for kids of all ages. They are divided into two categories and include musical instruments and musical toys. They introduce kids into the world of sound, helping them to develop their senses. 

Musical toys will also strike up interest or art talent in kids at a tender age. What’s more? You’ll find unique musical instruments on the market, and all will boost your child’s mood no matter their developmental stage. For best results, choose ones with lights on the buttons to encourage your child to keep pressing.

5. Construction toys

Construction toys offer various developmental benefits. They help kids develop different skills and abilities as they work on colorful blocks and shapes. They help impart the fundamentals of math, engineering, and new technologies to kids. After playing with Lego Tehnic toys from a tender age, kids will develop eye-hand coordination. They may even choose to pursue careers like architect or engineering.

In summary

The list of attractive toys for 2-3-year-olds is endless. These playthings keep kids engaged and also benefit them in multiple ways. Choose the best play items for your child, and consider their developmental stage. Moreover, always choose safe toys to prevent your child from hurting themselves when playing.


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