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6 Languages You Must Know to Move to Canada


Anyone who wishes to travel to their dream country must know the language. Because of this, many countries have language requirements for people who want to move there. Canada also has guidelines about what languages visitors need to know to enter their country. For example, if you’re going to immigrate to Canada through the economic immigration program, you must pass the Canada language proficiency test.

Canada is among the few nations in the world with an open immigration policy that sees immigrants as an asset and a way to help the economy grow. As a result, thousands of individuals from all over the globe move to Canada because it has a good standard of living and many job opportunities.

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1. Chinese

There have been a lot of Chinese people from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China who have moved to Canada. However, Chinese is probably only the most common language of immigrants if we count all kinds of Chinese as one language (and that debate is a whole other can of worms).

The census divides Chinese into four groups: Cantonese (spoken by 372,000 people), Mandarin (spoken by 249,000 people), Hakka (spoken by 5,115 people), and “other” (425,000 speakers).

2. Punjabi

This one is fascinating because the Indian Sikh community does not have the second most immigrants, but the language they speak is the second most common. Why? Because Punjabi is more likely to be passed down from one generation to the next. Children of Chinese-speaking immigrants often put English or French over their native language, but children of Punjabi-speaking immigrants tend to keep their native language. This is likely because of a few things. The Sikh religion values the Punjabi language, so studying it is least in part a matter of faith. The Punjabi community is very close-knit, with large families that spend more time together than most Canadians. This makes sure that the Punjabi language will always be around them.

3. Spanish

Most Spanish-speaking immigrants live in Eastern Canada, especially Montreal, Ottawa-Gatineau, and Toronto. Therefore, it is interesting that many of them learn English and French along with Spanish, making them trilingual. People who speak Spanish in Canada come from many different places in Latin America, but about half of them are from Mexico, Colombia, or El Salvador.

4. German

This is another one we did not know about. Like the Spanish-speaking immigrants, the German-speaking immigrants are more focused on Eastern Canada than Vancouver. However, German speakers are also ubiquitous among older people. Look at the top-heavy information on the graph. That shows that there used to be a lot of German-speaking immigrants to Canada, but that is not the case anymore. Since we do not talk to many people in their 50s, 60s, and 70s, I probably did not realize how big the German-speaking community is.

5. Arabic

Again, most people who speak Arabic live in Ontario or Quebec. Montreal has the most Arabic speakers, followed by Toronto. This is one of Canada’s more recent immigrant groups. Most of them came from Lebanon in the 1980s and 1990s.

Remember that this number does not include Arabic dialects. Some Arabic dialects are very distinctive from one another. Some Arabic-speaking people were raised in Canada and cannot talk to people who speak other dialects. People who speak Arabic and are educated in formal Arabic have far fewer difficulties with this, but many children of immigrants really are not literate and only speak a dialect.

6. Urdu

 Urdu is a language often spoken by people who moved from Pakistan. Most of it is in Ontario, mainly in Toronto and other cities nearby. The number of people who speak Urdu in Vancouver is not very big, but it is the fastest-growing Urdu community and seems to be concentrated in places with many Punjabi speakers. Punjabi and Urdu can be understood by each other to some degree. One of the Sikhs said with great conviction, “Yeah, they are the same! However, there are a million ways to say it.


To move to Canada, you need to know these six languages. Moving abroad is always a hard thing to do, whether it is for a job or to go to college. Even though Canada is among the most popular places to move to, you must go through many steps.

Before moving to Canada, you must know much about its people, culture, laws, and everything else. It can be helpful to know some of the basics, mainly if you are from a country with a very different culture and language.



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