7 Top Designer Floor Lamps To Suit Every Decor Style

7 Top Designer Floor Lamps To Suit Every Decor Style

Nothing can transform a room quite like lighting. Whether you utilize table lamps in your living space or love the look of a wall sconce, never underestimate the power of decorative floor lamps to raise the elegance factor in any room. Floor lamps are stand-alone light sources that are as versatile and lovely as a neutral piece of furniture. While task lamps are ideal for specific purposes such as reading or providing proper lighting above a desk or craft table, decorative floor lamps are a wonderful addition to any space because they bring beauty and light to their surroundings. No matter what your decor style, we’ve selected the top 7 decorative floor lamps that are a definite must-have this year:

1: Industrial Tripod

Industrial Tripod

There’s nothing like a modern floor lamp with a cool industrial vibe to cast a light in a bedroom, living room or home office. Use this style of lamp for general lighting or to illuminate a book, computer or work area. Place this tripod floor lamp beside a reading chair or let it brighten a coffee table when you’re sitting around enjoying game night with the family. Choose a gorgeous tripod metal lamp with a single head or opt for the three headed beauty shown here. The larger the lamp, the larger the space it can fill. Select the style that’s best suited to the size of your room.

2: All-Natural Beauty

All-Natural Beauty

For those who appreciate a simple, natural aesthetic, a floor lamp with soft wood accents is an excellent choice. The lamp shown here is available in black or white. The white version offers a sophisticated yet minimalist look with a metal shade and a stunning white marble base. The black has an elegant look and feel with the dark metal shade and black marble base. Both versions of this stylish floor lamp bring a slightly different look to your space, with the same eye-catching, naturally beautiful appeal.

3: Modern Orb

Modern Orb

For a bold look that’s bound to get noticed, add this super modern orb lamp to your design repertoire. The brass base is sleek and elegant, while the gorgeous orb has head-turning style. The perfect blend of form and function, a decorative orb floor lamp is a hot design trend. This designer floor lamp would look fabulous in so many settings. While an orb lamp definitely captures attention, it also has timeless appeal. It’s an elegant ball of style and light!

4: Sophisticated Traditionalist

Sophisticated Traditionalist

Feminine and glamorous, this luxurious floor lamp has a matching decorative table lamp. All that glitters is not just the light.. it’s the golden stand, gorgeous marble base and fabric shade with exquisite gold liner. There are so many rooms that this stunning decorative floor lamp would enhance. Pair it with the matching table lamp and prepare for heads to turn when guests visit.

5: Statement-making Sputnik

Statement-making Sputnik

There’s nothing quite like a brass and glass sputnik lamp to add an artistic touch to your home. This style of decorative floor lamp doubles as a work of art. The unique shape captures attention no matter where this artsy lamp is placed.

6: Glorious Moon Light

Glorious Moon Light

Here’s a bold and beautiful ball of light that will change the way you look at floor lamps. It sits directly on the floor or can be propped on a wicker trunk, wooden crate or a stack of books. Use alone or purchase a few and place them throughout a room. This breathtaking globe lamp casts a moonlight glow, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. It’s available in several sizes and makes a magnificent addition to a patio or porch.

7: Modern Pharmacy Light

Modern Pharmacy Light

The traditional pharmacy floor lamp has a trendy new twist. This chic decorative floor lamp is height adjustable and can be directed in several directions to meet your needs. Perfect for an office, family room or bedroom, this lamp features innovative dimmable technology. Simply touch the shade to change the brightness.

Consider bringing one (or several) of these must-have floor lamps home. Read all about how you can use captivating wall lamps to adorn your living space and be sure to consider designer ceiling lamps and innovative wall lamps for your next room redesign or room refresh too.


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