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8 must-have design skills for today’s market


The collaboration of diverse domains with the digital aspect of technology has given rise to numerous aspects of operating in the design industry. Design is incorporated in almost every stage of our business industry as it helps in marketing and creating a connection with our audiences. The design industry requires individuals with diverse skill set including coding skills, graphic software, composition, virtual reality, UX design, and many others. Students can pursue a B. Des course to initiate the process of pursuing a career in the design industry. Here is a list of eight must-have skills required to excel in today’s design market.

1.       Graphic software: Markets are flooded with tons of graphic software to ease the process of creating intricate designs efficiently. Sometimes, it is overwhelming for designers to select that one particular software that is specifically designed to cater to the needs of the designing industry. So, it is important to skill up your capabilities of incorporating different design software to keep up with the advancements in the industry. 

2.       UX design: Every industry requires UX designers for developing interactive tools for enhancing user communication. It is mostly used to stop the limiting factors in creating effective channels of communication with clients.

3.       Coding skills: Due to the technological advancements in every industry, there is a growing demand for coding. With a little knowledge of HTML, CSS, and java-script, one can easily design a website and put their creativity on display for the world to admire. Coding provides a wide range of designing facilities as hundreds of new programming languages have been developed to make the process of designing easier including the java-script, jQuery, Python, etc. Coding is a must-have skill in the design industry.

4.       Image editing: This might come as a surprise to you as people do not consider this as a big thing. The use of mobile phones and diverse applications for editing pictures has helped individuals to upgrade their editing skills.

5.       Virtual reality: The augmentation of this new technology has drastically impacted the design industry and so has the demand for a professional with experience in virtual reality is increasing at a drastic rate.

6.       Muted colour palettes: This is one of the most widely used skills of design as people were more attracted towards the sparkling beauties rather than the faded shades of colours. But recently a trend has been picked by where the muted colour palettes are more in demand than those sparkling shades. Muted colours are less vibrant and shiny as more subtle shades are incorporated in the process of designing. They de-saturate some of the dark shades to produce complementary shades.  

7.       Typography: Designers are equipped with the ability to evaluate geometrical shapes to present their ideas through them. These geometrical shapes are used to deliver messages to the common masses and the target audience.      8. 8.    Composition: The most important part of the design industry is to be able to determine the right components for their designs. The alignments, colour schemes, and other elements such as spaces, texts, or visuals can be used to illustrate a message through their designs. This skill will always help you to decide the outcome of your projects.

So, if you are interested in exploring the design industry, then you must gear up yourself with all the tools.



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