9 Side Effects Of CBD That You Should Be Knowing


The health benefits linked with CBD consumption continue to grow. However, people still do not know much about the requisite CBD dosage, and specific ailments need more caution. It can be a challenge as we often rely on a friend’s advice or even our own best guess. As a result, we end up taking too much or too little CBD, which can cause side effects in our bodies or do not produce the desired results.

But before moving further, let’s start with the basics.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (or CBD) is entirely a non-psychoactive extract of the Cannabis plant. The CBD reacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system to give us significant health benefits minus any mind-altering experience. To explore premium CBD products available in the market, visit https://cbdfx.com/collections/cbd-tincture/.

A few possible side effects of CBD

According to several studies, CBD does not cause changes in food intake capability or physiological parameters, including heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, etc. But there have been plenty of cases reported wherein cannabinoids have caused side effects. It includes the inhibition of hepatic drug metabolism, alterations in vitro cell viability, decreased fertilization capability, etc. Other side effects of CBD that are widely noticed among its users are,

1) Nausea

In studies and customer testimonials, CBD oil drops caused stomach discomfort and nausea. You may feel queasy if you take CBD on an empty stomach, especially if you have a weak or delicate digestive system. Therefore, any medical professional will never recommend it. Instead, they advise taking CBD at least 30 minutes to an hour after a meal.  

Reports prove that all first-time users who consumed more than 1000 mg of CBD experienced nausea, like 1000 mg of CBD is no joke but a fair, high amount of CBD. So, be careful! Experts recommend decreasing the CBD dosage until you feel better. However, they often warn never to stop the intake of CBD completely, as this could alter the effectiveness of consistent use. And it could also give you unwanted withdrawal symptoms.

2) Actual Vomiting

There is less evidence of CBD causing actual vomiting. However, a study on rats in 2011 found that cannabinoids helped decrease the need to vomit. It was because of their influence on the CB1 receptors.

Change your entire diet if vomiting happens, and think about what you ate hours before that led to it. Several factors can trigger vomiting, but one of them could be that CBD is used to reduce sickness. As a result, sickness may have been the cause of the vomiting in the first place.

Liver Damage

Liver problems are one of the newest discoveries concerning the side effects of CBD and its products.

A recent FDA meeting on CBD discussed liver complications arising out of CBD consumption. They found that the inhibition or discontinuation of liver-supporting medication might lead to poor liver function. So if you suffer from any liver issue, avoid taking any CBD products.

Dry Mouth

Sometimes people experience dry mouth after CBD intake. There is not much scientific evidence behind the occurrence of dry mouth. However, one study performed in 2006 on a male rat showed that Cannabis affects the endocannabinoid receptors in our brain and represses the CB1 and CB2 that control saliva production. Therefore, CBD may induce lesser production of saliva, giving you a dry mouth temporarily. But there is a simple process to counter this problem – drink more water than usual all day. Moreover, we also propose to drink water after consuming CBD to tackle dry mouth as it can be irritating for some.

5) Dizziness

It can happen to all users who consume a higher concentration of CBD, particularly those who try CBD vape pens. These pens have a five times faster absorption rate than any other CBD product and can easily hit you if you inhale a lot. However, dizziness can be the result of a drop in blood pressure. We suggest sitting down, gaining stability again, and snacking on some items or drinking tea if this happens to you.

6) Change in Appetite

There are not many cases of CBD affecting mood and appetite. However, CBD’s potential to increase hunger could be due to its effect on serotonin receptors which play an essential role in appetite and digestion.

According to studies, CBD may help enhance appetite by lowering symptoms of an upset stomach rather than directly impacting the sensation of hunger. In contrast, some reports say that CBD oil can reduce hunger. But again, this appears to have less to do with the CBD’s direct effects on appetite-regulating mechanisms and more to do with its healing effects.

7) Low Blood Pressure

CBD may work as a blood thinner, apparently lowering your blood pressure. However, it can put a real risk on those who take blood-thinning medications. So if you do, stay away from CBD. In addition, people planning to have surgery should avoid consuming CBD for up to a week before the procedure.

8) Drowsiness

CBD causes drowsiness, as CBD’s primary purpose is to help people with insomnia or other sleeping disorders. Therefore, we advise you to take smaller doses of the best CBD oil for sleep during the day if you are at the office, driving, or doing other activities. And likewise, take a higher amount at night.

9) Headaches 

The probability of experiencing headaches after CBD consumption is low, as people commonly take CBD to reduce their headaches or migraines. However, there had been reports stating that people experienced headaches with the use of hemp CBD oil. The reasons listed behind it were: poor quality of the oil as it came from an unreliable brand, tincture’s base oil, solvents, or other toxic substances. Therefore, we suggest changing the brand to see whether or not the headache persists.


Quality & safety of CBD products

Now, you must think that CBD is an all-natural product that reacts with the body in an entirely natural way. Therefore, you can use any CBD product of your accord to get its health benefits, and you don’t require any consultation beforehand. But no, if you talk about quality and safety, not all CBD products are manufactured the same way. Therefore, you need to choose your product wisely. Whether they are CBD creams, oils, or tinctures, buy them only from a reliable CBD brand that assures the highest production standards.

We recommend consuming CBD for a continued period as it then acts more effectively. Over time, you may not require to take the same amount of CBD to reach the desired effect.


According to consumer evidence, CBD can help everything from stubbed toes to severe diseases, including tumors and seizures. And its benefits far outweigh any of its side effects. Even reports back CBD and affirm that it could be incredibly beneficial for a wide range of symptoms or concerns. However, we have no concrete statistical or research-based information to claim treatment right away.

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