A comprehensive guide for platform ladders


Both the weight of the ladder and its handrail increase the safety advantage of the ladder. Rolling ladders usually weigh more than both folding ladders and extension ladders, so their tipping probability is generally lower. Handrail staplers and extensions on the rolling ladder give the user a more ergonomic grip than the ladder’s side rails. Equip2go do not have to be expensive, difficult and complicated. Below is a guide that can help you achieve a quality modular clean room for your needs.

Ease of mobility

Stair ladders, as they roll, are easy to move from one place to another. The ladder and the extension ladder must be lifted and moved to another location. Some platform ladders have four wheels, and others have only two wheels. Only two-wheeled wheels rotate in the same way that a wheelbarrow rotates.

Increase productivity

The simplicity of ridding ladder skills usually results in productivity. Because they have been relocated to another location, labour fatigue is reduced, and productivity is increased. Unlike step ladders and extension ladders that have to be installed in a new location, the rolling ladder reaches a new location, is set up and ready to go. This saves time which also increases productivity.


Platform ladder is generally considered safer than folding ladders and extension ladders. This is due to their stability, weight, handrail and different types of walking.

If one thinks of the steps of a folding ladder as compared to a rolling ladder of the same height, the steps of a rolling ladder are, in most cases, larger than the foot of a folding ladder. A large footprint of a rolling ladder reduces the chances of the ladder vomiting. If one thinks of using an extension ladder rather than a rolling ladder, the stability of the rolling ladder is greater.

Proper placement of the extension ladder is important for its stability. If the angle of inclination of the extension ladder is too high, there is a risk of falling from the rear. If the angle of inclination of the extension ladder is not sufficient, the foot of the ladder may not have sufficient friction with the ground, which may prevent the top of the ladder from going down the surface from which it is bending. Building the top of the extension ladder on the surface against which it is leaning does not eliminate any of the above hazards as the ladder may slide backwards or downwards before the ladder is built. View products as listed in www.equip2go.com.au.

If a company is producing or packaging pharmaceutical products, nutraceutical supplements or medical devices, they will need a clean environment. Possible economic solutions could be a modular clean room. Below are some manufacturing conditions that may require a clean room environment:

  • Aerospace
  • bulk powder
  • General Industrial
  • Medical devices
  • Nutraceutical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Ample sample room

The availability of different types of walking moves increases the safety of rolling ladders. Different types of running make it possible to choose a rolling ladder that is suitable for the type of running environment where you will use the ladder. Grip strut deals are better where conditions are slippery. Perforated walks are specifically intended for warehouse-type use. The extended walkway is also for warehouse use but adds an extra degree between shoes and walking. Walking grip tape is more suitable for the use of rip fissures. Rarely does a single step ladder or extension ladder provide just one type of walk.

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