A Defined Jawline and High Cheekbones: Do Facial Exercises Really Work?

A Defined Jawline and High Cheekbones: Do Facial Exercises Really Work?

Is there anything worse than leg day? Endless lunges and trying to stay balanced while your quads are on fire? No thank you. Arm day comes in a close second. You can only do so many push-ups before you want to pass out.

In the end, though, it’s all worth it for that rush of endorphins and the feeling of building healthy muscles.

But can the same be said for face day? Yep, you heard right. Facial exercises are being lauded as the next best thing in fitness. But do they actually work? And is it worth it? Keep reading for your essential guide on this fitness trend.

What Exactly Are Facial Exercises?

Facial exercises for women involve working out the facial muscles in the same way you would work out your other muscles. There are tons of examples that claim to target different areas. These include facial exercises for jowls, facial exercises to tighten skin, and facial symmetry exercises.

Facial exercises have a number of reported benefits. In terms of skincare, a regular facial exercise routine is said to bring about a healthier, glowing complexion. Some claim that it’s great for weight loss as exercising your face gives you a more defined jawline and prominent cheekbones.

Facial exercises are also offered as a way to combat aging. If the muscles in the face are taught and strong, they can’t fall victim to the gravitational sagging that comes with aging over time, right?

Finally, facial exercises just have that feel-good factor. The self-care industry is steadily growing, and facial exercises have become a feel-good addition to a skincare routine.

Do They Really Work?

Facial exercises might feel good, but do they actually do anything? Unfortunately, there’s very little scientific research to turn to in answering this key question. And studies that have been done haven’t produced the most reliable results.

In terms of weight loss, the best way to achieve more defined facial features may not be exercising only your face. Targeting certain areas for weight loss has been proven to be a myth. A good weight loss regimen involves full-body exercise and a healthy, well-balanced diet.

If you’re looking for healthier skin, facial exercises might not be the best solution. Skin and muscle are two very different things. While facial exercises may help to strengthen muscles, they have little effect on skin elasticity.

The facial exercising trend is quickly gathering steam. This means that there are a number of influencers on social media who provide daily facial exercise routines for you to follow, and they swear by the benefits.

What Can I Do Instead?

Keeping your face looking bright and healthy is actually fairly simple. Let’s get back to the basics.

A regular skincare routine involving a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer does wonders for baseline skin health.

The number one rule to prevent haggard, tired-looking skin is to wear sunscreen every day. This cannot be overstated enough.

If it’s the effects of aging you’re worried about, look for products containing ingredients like retinoids, tea extracts, or vitamin C. There’s also the option of botox and fillers with guaranteed reliable results. Visit a dermatologist or stock up on your own supplies from https://ukmedi.co.uk/.

Facial Fitness: Passing Trend or Next Big Thing?

If you’re curious about the facial fitness trend, there’s no harm in giving facial exercises a try. But evidence shows that you’re more likely to get the same results from tried and tested skincare and wellness methods.

We’ve got a wealth of information on the latest skincare tips and trends. So click on the skincare tab at the top of the page and keep browsing!


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