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A guide to playing real money craps online

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Real money craps are currently one of your favourite gambling games that are slowly growing in popularity. With this game, one player rolls a pair of dice while other players wage their bets on what the faces the dice with end up showing. Real money craps is also a fun game to play online in the comfy surroundings of your home.

The real reason people love the real money craps

• When players play real money craps online real money is used as a reward.

• Players get a house edge which is a lot smaller than other casino games compared.

• The game is as exciting and as fast as it feels.

• Terrific odds are offered o players of the game.

Where to play real money craps

As a gambling game that offers real money to its players, the game can be found and enjoyed at all recommended casinos. 

Real money craps online: How to play the game

Playing real money craps online is usually easy and can be learnt effortlessly. The game is straightforward. It is important that before players attempt the game, they have to become familiar with the basics of the game.

How to play real money craps

1). All rounds in the game usually begin with the Come-Out Roll. With this, all players which include the shooter will have to wage in their bets right before you get to roll the dice.

2). You get to bet with either the don’t pass or the pass line. If you have a total dice number that results in 2,3 or a 12, then the pass line wagers lose, while the don’t pass bets win. Then again, if you have a Come-Out Roll value of 11 or 7, then the pass line gets to win.

3). Also, if you have a combined dice value of about 4,5,6,8,9 or 10 with the Come-Out roll, this means that players have reached a certain checkpoint that is known as the “point” phase. This usually means that the shooter gets to roll the same number from the checkpoint to money. At this point, the player will keep on rolling these dice right until he gets a figure 7 or he will try to get the point value that has been offered at the table.

4). As soon as players conclude their rounds, a new shooter is given the chance to roll the pair of dice.

Hacks to playing real money craps: Learning about bets

  • While playing the game, you would want to only concentrate on the primary bets. They are Don’t come, come, Don’t Pass, and Pass. The other bets that have good odds are the Place bets and Lay bets.
  • Buy bets look-alike to Lay bets, however, they do not have a good house edge. Big 8 and Big 6 both have low house edges and present good options for mixing things up.
  • Then you have some other leftover wagers such as the One-way bets, the Hardway bets, and the Field bets. They are mainly sucker bets.

Recommendations for playing the game

To win real money from the real craps money online, people are recommended to use reputable casinos. For you to truly enjoy the game legitimately and safely, you will have to choose top-rated and reputable casinos.



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