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A Quick History of Wine Through the Years

A Quick History of Wine Through the Years

Would you call yourself a wine enthusiast? Do you consider wine to be more than a drink but a deep part of culture and life?

If you’re that passionate about wine, surely you want to know more about the history of wine.  A new love for wine will awaken when you learn the story behind that tasty beverage in your glass.

If you’re interested in learning more, read on for a quick old-world wine history.

Where Did Wine Start?

Have you ever wondered, “When was wine invented?” or “Where did wine get invented?” While wine is almost synonymous with countries in Europe like France or Italy, its origin goes back much further.

According to current archeological records, ancient China was the first place where wine was produced around 7000 B.C. Armenia and Georgia followed at around 6100 to 6000 B.C.

Archaeological records also suggest that wine was made in ancient Iran, Egypt, Israel, Greece, Cypress, and Sicily. 

How Was Wine First Made?

The first wine was discovered at Jiahu in China.

In the Early Neolithic Period, people used clay jars to create and store fermented drinks made of wild grapes, rice, honey, and hawthorn fruit. The drink was fermented by storing sugary fruits with yeast on the skins in the jars.

The world’s oldest winery was discovered in an Armenian cave, dating back to around 6100 B.C. The grapes are believed to have been Vitis vinifera. These are the same grapes used in most modern wines, and chances are that the wine made in Armenia would taste similar to Merlot.

Wines in these civilizations were commonly used for burial ceremonies.

The Phoenicians are the people-group responsible for starting the wine trade. Through their trading, Jews began using wine for religious purposes and ancient drinks drank it as a symbol for religion, trade, and health. It was the Greeks who started planting vineyards to produce and sell quality wine, and the Romans were the ones who began using barrels to produce wine in a quicker and more affordable way.

Pinot Noir was a commonly produced wine at this time, and it was the common staple for the Catholic church to use in Sacraments. To have a taste of history, try Belle Glos Pinot Noir 2017.

A Long And Rich History Of Wine

Much more can be said on the history of wine and what it has symbolized and meant across different people groups and cultures. However, you now know the origin story behind how it was first produced and how the production process began that inspired modern-day wineries and wine-making. So when you sip your Pinot Noir this evening, let it sit for a moment and try to appreciate its rich history as you taste.

Wine is more than a drink. It has been a culture changer and a way of life from ancient days to today.

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