About MySQL DBA Training Course

About MySQL DBA Training Course

What is MySQL?

A MySQL Relational database management is the database system based on SQL (Structured Query Language) that is developed by Oracle. It is the best open-source system that is based on application software and works on the table. With the use of the database, we can manage, store, and handle the data operation.

Why Need to do Mysql DBA Training?

  • The Skillpedia MySQL Administration training is based on MySQL Database 5.6 version. That is your starting phase in getting to know this MySQL relational database.
  • You will learn a basic understanding of relational databases and various techniques to design an efficient database system. In addition, you will learn the powerful Structured Query Language (SQL) to build the database and different types of operation on data.
  • You can also learn the various administration skills required to manage and manipulate the information on the database.
  • The Mysql DBA Course will help you start using this popular MySQL database and gain the best skills during the training.
  • This Mysql DBA Training also gives you a better understanding of the relational database.
  • You will learn how to use the MySQL Workbench, a very popular administrative tool with many useful features to enable you to perform various administrative tasks on MySQL.

Benefits of MySQL dba Certification:-

  • The most known database management system is MySQL. The MySQL dba certification is your starting step to gaining more experience, administering this open-source relational database, AND knowledge towards MySQL.
  • You can learn various tools and techniques Mysql DBA Course that may help enhance technical skills, manage the data in the database, and give different kind of practicals in the database for better understanding.

 What We Cover During The Traning:-

We cover many topics in the Mysql DBA Training; it may enhance your technical skills.

  • About MySQL Relational database.
  • About the MySQL Open-Source database.
  • What are Relational databases?
  •  Creation of MySQL database.
  • How to Create database objects in MySQL using SQL.
  • Different operation on data by Using MySQL command-line.
  • Learn the Process to access a database from MySQL applications.
  • Use SELECT statements.
  • Uses various data types in MySQL.
  • Use SQL to modify the structure.
  • How to create indexes and keys on the database.
  • Use Join operation.
  • Understanding database transactions.
  • How to use built-in functions in MySQL in the database.
  • Export and import operation.
  • Process of Configuring MySQL server and client programs.
  • Configure replication topologies like- simplex and complex.
  • Create and manage users.
  •  Backup strategy.
  • Perform physical and logical backups in the database.
  • How to Protect your information from unauthorized access.
  • Learn server logs and various tools to analyzed database activity.

This certification is very beneficial for those who belong to these backgrounds:-

  • Database Developers
  • Application Developers
  • Database Designers
  • Database Administrators

This course is very comfortable for beginners like- Beginner Database Administrators, database designers, and developers

What Need To Know Before Joining The MYSQL DBA Certification Course?

  • Basic computing knowledge.
  • Working knowledge of any command-line program.
  • A basic understanding of relational database systems is an added advantage.


This course gives to good skills that are demanded in the Industry. With this course, the person gains more knowledge about the MySQL database, and this training helps to checks the DBA exam.


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