Alcoholic Drinks That Are Not Suitable For First Time Drinkers


If you’re going to the pub and you are a first-time drinker, then you might want to avoid any alcoholic beverages that will not end well for you at the end of the night on your first night out. There are plenty of alcoholic drinks for you to try as a beginner, but the list here is not any of those. Below is a list of drinks that are not suitable for first-time drinkers and the reasons that you should avoid these until you are used to consuming alcohol.


There are a good amount of reasons why you shouldn’t drink fireball as your first drink of alcohol. A few of them are that it doesn’t taste the best, and the recipes for drinks that use fireball aren’t great and very sugary. It’s a weak liquor that you need to drink a lot of it before you can feel tipsy, which won’t end well for you. It will give you the worst hangover that you will ever have when drinking alcohol.

Southern Comfort

Southern comfort is a cheaper liquor that has a strong but sweet taste to it. It’s not a whisky but a spirit type of beverage. As much as it’s a cheap drink, it’s pretty potent! Drinking too many of these can give you a killer hangover and for sure put you on the ground. You can get tipsy very quickly drinking this alcoholic beverage, which can be dangerous if you’re not careful.

Malibu Coconut Rum

Malibu coconut rum is a rum liquor that has a high percentage of alcohol which can get the average person way too drunk to act right in public. It’s a strong and sweet drink that can really knock you down with its sweet coconut flavouring. There are two types of malibu coconut rum; you have dark rum and white rum. However, dark rum is the stronger one of the two.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Mike’s hard lemonade isn’t the healthiest drink that you should start drinking as a first-time drinker. It’s very sweet because of how filled with sugar it has, and it’s not very strong. You may think because it’s not strong that it should be a good starter, but you would be wrong there. Having a cheap and weak alcoholic beverage to start can be deceiving for you. You will drink and drink until you feel something of a tipsy feel, but you may have had so many that you will start feeling sick by that time. Plus, with all the sugar in those drinks, this is another one of those beverages that will make you really ill and have a nasty hangover in the morning.

In conclusion, these and many more are some alcoholic drinks that you should stay away from when you are a first-time drinker. Start with something that’s not too strong but not too sweet either. Do your research and be careful with the liquor that you choose to drink. It’s always better to have them a bit strong and stop after a couple, then weak and not know when to stop because you can’t tell if you’re drunk or not.

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