All-Inclusive Overstitch Surgery Guide

All-Inclusive Overstitch Surgery Guide

Bariatric surgery is an effective way to experience wellness and health. However, sometimes patients fail to maintain their weight-loss results. To offer such patients a second chance, surgeons offer the option for overstitch surgery.

What Is Overstitch Surgery?

It is a safe way to put the patient back on track by reducing the size of the enlarged stomach pouch. This procedure involves a lower risk of infection, has no visible scars, and offers a quick recovery time. With this procedure, the patients have experience almost 40% control in weight gain. Furthermore, on average, it provides 20.4% weight loss in the time of six months.

How does the Procedure works?

The main equipment required for this procedure is an endoscope and specialized devices for suturing. Just like the standard endoscope procedure, the scope and the specialized devices are inserted through the mouth into the stomach. Then, the surgeons place the stitches on the outlet of the stomach to reduce the size. The same technique is used again to add more sutures to the stomach pouch to decrease the volume capacity.

What Are The Benefits Overstitch Procedure Offers?

Various surgeons prefer an overstitch procedure for revision surgery because it’s safe and effective. A traditional revision bariatric surgery takes much longer, and the patients are three times more likely to experience complications. Also, the scarring and the adhesions that a patient gets from bariatric surgery make it difficult to perform other revision surgery. However, with the overstitch revision, the patients can experience the following benefits:

  • Patients experience minimal to no pain.
  • The recovery time is quicker.
  • There will no abdominal scarring.
  • Lower risk of complication during and after the surgery.
  • Same weight loss results as experience with original bariatric surgery.

Although, patients can go home the same day as the procedure, still in some cases it can take longer. Therefore, it is essential to discuss your case in detail with the surgeon before.

Who Qualifies For The Procedure?

The revision surgery is best suitable for those who got a gastric bypass procedure. In some cases of gastric bypass, many patients regain a significant amount of weight. This happens because of the slow stretching of the stomach outlet or pouch.

When the gastric bypass is performed, the surgeon reduces the size of your stomach pouch. This causes you to feel fuller after eating a small amount of food, and lose weight quickly. Experts from LI Obesity Surgery have shown that when the stomach pouch gradually increases, it takes longer for patients to feel fuller. Hence, they see a significant regain of weight.

Does Insurance Cover This Procedure?

In some cases, the health insurance may cover the revision surgery. However, the details and requirements of the coverage may vary with each case. Therefore, we would recommend you to discuss the particulars with your health insurance company to figure out if they will cover the expenses on bariatric overstitch procedure or not.

If you have undergone gastric bypass in the past and the results are now diminishing, then overstitch surgery is your best option. With its low risk and high effectiveness, the patients can experience similar results as their original surgery.

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