All you need to know about Baedekers Guidebooks

All you need to know about Baedekers Guidebooks

If you are a person who collects antique books, you already know what Baedekers Guidebooks are all about. It is the collection of guidebooks, which guided travelers who lived back in the day. When people didn’t have a clear understanding on where they should be heading, they got the assistance of Baedekers Guidebooks. Due to the same reason, we can even call that Baedekers Guidebooks were able to revolutionize and change the way how people travel as well.

The starting of Baedekers Guidebooks

For more than 100 years, Baedekers Guidebookswas the best travel guidebook that was available for the people in Europe and Middle East. The guidebooks were able to cover few other countries out there as well. It all happened back in the year 1832, where Karl Baedekers started his own book publishing house under the name of Baedekers Guidebooks.

Even though there were few other book publishing houses available back in those days, Baedekers Guidebooks could receive a lot of attention among people because of the high level of accuracy that they contained. People could easily uncover lots of valuable information, which complemented them with their travel adventures by reading the books. Therefore, it didn’t take a long time for Baedekers Guidebooks to receive lots of positive attention out there. Karl also wanted to provide his first-hand experiences with the people through his guidebooks. This further contributed towards the popularity of the guidebooks that were published by Karl.

The success of Baedekers Guidebooks

Baedekers Guidebooks had to suffer a lot from World War I. However, the team behind Baedekers Guidebooks could ensure massive success before that. In fact, Baedekers Guidebooks was able to publish a total number of 992 editions before the World War I. These editions could cover travel destinations from Europe, North America, Russia, Middle East, and India. told us that people from Britain and Germany were the biggest consumers of books that were published by Baedekers Guidebooks. These books started gaining lots of attention as they could help people to overcome the doubts that they had when visiting tourist attractions.

As of now, people in most parts of the world are aware of what Baedekers Guidebooks are. There have even been movies compiled around these guidebooks. On the other hand, these guidebooks have been able to create a major impact on the lives of people all around the world. Travelers were able to travel around the world without having to worry too much about anything because of all the support that they could receive from the guidebooks.

During the World War II, Baedekers Guidebooks helped a lot for the Germans to target their bombing campaigns. In fact, the guidebooks could provide them with all information with related to the English cities, such as Norwich, Canterbury, and Bath. They were able to take maximum advantage out of it and go ahead with destroying the cathedrals, terraces, and medieval streets.

When you are reading one of the Baedekers Guidebooks, you will be able to get a better understanding about the patrician nature that people have towards the view of the world. In fact, these books were written specifically for the travelers.

What do people say about Baedekers Guidebooks?

People who purchased Baedekers Guidebooks are quite impressed with what they are receiving out of them. In fact, people tend to call them as magnificent guidebooks, which deliver lots of valuable and useful information. The best thing about these guidebooks is that they were available for the people to try at affordable prices. Hence, there was no need for anyone to worry about when getting hands on a guidebook.

Since the Baedekers Guidebooks were so detailed, there was no reason for anybody to look for any other alternative option while trying to get hands on a guidebook. It was possible for the people to get hands on all the information they wanted from a single guidebook, which provided much-needed assistance in traveling the world. These guidebooks were available to people at an affordable price. However, things have changed significantly as of now and you will not be able to purchase Baedekers Guidebooks at a lower price. Instead, you will have to spend a considerable amount of money out of your pocket to purchase these guidebooks. That’s mainly because Baedekers Guidebooks are called as collectibles in the world as of now. Therefore, only people who are interested in collecting antiquarian books prefer to go ahead with them.

When you take a look at a single book among the Baedekers Guidebooks, you will notice that it is offering more than 700 pages. Along with these pages, it is even possible to get hands on over 100 maps. All these maps are highly detailed, and they provide specific and relevant information to the people. Since there is a high possibility to get all great information, people can go ahead with purchasing them without keeping any second thoughts in mind.

The Baedekers Guidebooks that were published during the 1920s and 1930s didn’t just provide details with related to tourism. They could also provide information to the people with related to the economic states of the countries. This provided a great assistance for the people in order to go ahead and get the maximum returns at the end of the day.

Collecting Baedekers Guidebooks

If you are an antiquarian book collector, you don’t have to think twice before you go ahead and collect Baedekers Guidebooks. They are some of the most valuable books available for your collection as of now. You can go through the books and get your hands on them, along with all the fascinating experiences offered by them. You will never come across any disappointments while you go through these books because they are in a position to deliver lots of useful information for the people to get their hands on.

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