All you need to know about the ICC World Test Championship

Test Championship

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The ICC Test Series is thrilling. From 2019, a world Test championship will be held every year, and the winning team will be known as the world champions of Test cricket.

The eventual champions of this competition stand to benefit greatly, possibly more than in any other team sport. Test cricket is in danger of losing its relevance among fans as well as players.

As more and more countries choose to play ODIs instead, many Test matches are being held in locations like England, Australia, New Zealand, and so on. As a result, there are many worries regarding how long countries will continue to play test matches.

The ICC has an excellent reason to think that a World Test Championship is the solution to these issues. Test cricket has always been regarded as the pinnacle for test batsmen and bowlers alike, but it remains far less popular than ODI cricket or T20 internationals.

ICC World Test Championship: How It Works

The sport needs something exciting to remain relevant in public consciousness; a World Cup is not enough. The introduction of the World Test Championship will give each match more meaning and consequence.

The sport’s most prominent nations will be pitted against each other each year to see which team emerges victorious. This will make fans far more invested in Test cricket and help them to see it as a more relevant competition.

Over the course of two years, each team will compete against its main rivals in six games: three at home and three away. This means that even if your team finishes last in a group, they do not go home empty-handed because they will play another series against their opponent. You get bonus points for beating your group opponents by big margins, just like in Cricket World.

At the completion of the league stage, the top two clubs will play in the championship game. Every year, the format will vary a little bit based on the participating teams and how well they’ve done in past tournaments.

In each group, the top two teams advance to the semi-finals. The top four teams from each group advance to play Tests against the other teams from their respective groups in what are referred to as “lead-up fixtures.”

Throughout the competition, Test Match Odds will be offered on the group matchups, and the knockout games will be contested both at home and away.

The world test championship champion will hold the title for a full year. This individual will essentially serve as the game’s ambassador and be in charge of advancing the activity. They’ll also get a sizable incentive.

The Cricket Season Fever

Cricket is a passionate sport that appeals to cricket fans’ emotions and interests. The World Cup Cricket Series is such a significant event that no one wants to miss out on the excitement.

Working professionals strive to gain access to Internet cricket websites in order to view the most recent results. Other cricket enthusiasts will watch the game on television to check how their favourite team is doing. You can read about the ICC tournament and know more about it.

Who Will Represent in the World Test Championship?

The ICC has not yet officially announced which countries will compete in the event, although they have given some indication that those that did well in the Test rankings in the previous seasons will be given an invitation.

With some of the most interesting teams on earth competing, this would give the World Test Championship a really global flavour. The ICC has said that the tournament will continue for two years. 

To make the environment as stimulating as possible, the competition is held during the summer. To avoid a conflict between the two competitions, it’s possible that the semifinals and championship game will take place in the months before the World Cup.


When a cricket tournament begins, all that can be seen everywhere is cricket. Every other firm attempts to promote cricket or support their favourite team in a different way. Companies either sponsor the national team’s official outfit or attempt to cheer them up.

Cricket has risen to such prominence in the world of sports that there does not appear to be a special craze for any other. Countries and teams prepare for the World Cup cricket tournament as it approaches. Large corporations step forwards to lend a helping hand to their favourite teams. Fans enjoy watching the sport and punters place their bets. 

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