7 Amazing Canva Templates for Creating Instagram Post

7 Amazing Canva Templates for Creating Instagram Post

Last Updated on April 4, 2022 by admin

Have you ever thought about the beautiful Instagram banners and how it is done? Well, you might think it is done by somebody professional, but it is not the truth. Most businesses create such posts by using an amazing selection of Canva templates. There are over 40000 Instagram templates to pick from on Canva. Finding the proper template among that huge number of templates can be really daunting. Hence we have created a list of some of the best Canva templates you can choose from in order to create an Instagram post.

Sale Templates

Do you own a digital business and use mostly Instagram for promoting your products? This sale template could be the ideal spot to publicize your next big sale on social media. Generally, It features a large image in the backdrop as a focal point, as well as a related enormous sale banner at the top. You’re ready to go now that you’ve changed the temporary website name at the top.

Product-Promotion Template

Are you thinking to launch a new product or business in the near future? This product promotion template could be ideal for announcing your product on Instagram. Replace the image with your product, change the date to a more legible typeface, and you’ll have a fantastic Instagram flyer to share on social media.

Templates for Testimonial of Customers

Do you want to display how much your clients adore your products or services? You can download this Canva template, change the image in the mockup, and change the testimonial text.

Birthday Wish Templates

Whether you are sending birthday wishes to your employees or customers, you can use the birthday wish template to create a personalized birthday wish so that you can display it on your Instagram.

Event Announcement

This Canva template is perfect for you if you have an Instagram account where you frequently post cooking recipes, dish photographs, and so on. This simple template can be used to display your new initiative. The nice part is that you may use this design even if you’ve recently launched a new cafe or restaurant and want to let your followers know about it.

Minimal Mobile Templates

This template is ideal for businesses or people that want to promote their latest designer clothing collection or store. Whether you work in the fashion or garment industry or somewhere in the same domain, you can benefit from this template. The mobile-shaped blocks give Instagram to post a unique look.

Story Templates

Do you want to find a unique strategy to increase the number of people who engage with your stories? This template takes care of everything for you. It combines a great image with a layout that includes an editable text box that you can customize, download, and use in just a few minutes. You can replace the background image with your own or choose from a variety of free Canva images. When you want to interact with and engage your audience more, this is a terrific template to employ.

Summing Up

Choose from these amazing Canva templates and make your Instagram posts engaging and interactive.