5 amazing things that you can do to make a change in the industry

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The slot machine industry replies to a younger, more brand loyal, and more technically savvy listener. In casinos around the country, slot machines with high-definition screens and themes such as The Voice and, The Goonies beckon passersby to stop and have a game. There is also an opinion that the novel Coronavirus epidemic may have changed customer attitudes.

The following are five trends that manufacturers think will capture the industry .you can try online slots here;

1.     By creating cocoon-like environments

 Casinos had no choice but to socially distance players at slot machines, whether the games spread out physically or units turned off to create a detachment. Some customers have become adapted to that, said Rob Bone, vice president of Tables, Utilities, and Electronic Table Games at Scientific Games Corporation. In response, companies such as Scientific Games have investigated how to communicate slot machines will have an intimate “business class”-like experience.

For example, it could mean machines with individual signage rather than a sign hanging over a bank of clustered machines or table games with curved displays that immerse the player in the game. Scientific Games’ Kascada cabinet was used as an example to illustrate how the hardware aids in creating an enjoyable experience. The player surrounds the game’s sounds during gameplay due to the 43-inch curved screen and soundbar.

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2.     Incorporating younger players

According to Bone, casinos his company has worked with have seen an influx of younger, less-experienced slot players. Recently, that group tried to get out of the house due to the pandemic. Gaming is looking for ways to hold onto that audience, which he said is much more tech-savvy, values brand loyalty, and seeks out gamification.

There has been a surge in interest in existing gaming floor technology, such as Kyber, Scientific Games’ augmented reality electronic table game. Creates bonuses projected on a tabletop using a laser projector. Gaming devices with screens that resemble smartphones make gaming easier to understand.

Incorporating younger players

3.     The pop culture king

According to Jon Hanlin, senior vice president of commercial strategy for gambling company Aristocrat, the tendency of theming slot machines around famous movies and TV shows isn’t going anywhere. His company is developing a slot machine for an entertainment project to close the gap between its release and its slot machine. It can take up to 18 months after a movie is released to adapt into a slot machine.

4.     Appearance of YouTube

Slot players have a better awareness of slot machines and their mechanics than ever before. YouTube is a platform where celebrities upload thousands of videos showing off games and their bonus rounds. It was unheard of for manufacturers to keep in touch with slot bloggers and YouTubers five years ago. Several players have become familiar with the different brands, understand the significant mechanics in every sport, and have somehow developed their sports knowledge. In addition, various brands of slot machines also recognize by them.

5.     Keep your cash at home

Many gaming companies are developing cashless technology for slot play. The company has a Resort Wallet feature that lets users load money onto an account accessed via an app on their phone when in a casino. It is possible to load funds into their accounts in several ways, including paying a cashier at a designated location within the casino or transferring funds electronically through a linked bank account, debit card, or credit card. Even before they arrive at the casino, players can load money onto their accounts from anywhere.

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