Animal Coloring Pages of All Shapes and Sizes


Last Updated on March 21, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Animals coloring pages of all shapes and sizes are educational and fun activities for kids of all ages. Animals in our world come in all shapes and sizes.  According to statistics, there are between 9 and 10 million animal species living on earth which includes amphibians, birds, fish, insects, mammals and reptiles.  Some animals are very small, others are very big such as the blue whale, known as the biggest animal. Kids can take an interesting adventure into the world of animals through their coloring pages.

Having your coloring pages, you can shade them in vibrant colors. The Animal coloring pages have a variety of animals big and small with diverse shapes and sizes. There are many varieties of the animals and can be colored accordingly. In the following coloring pages, we will show you different species of animals that you can use your imaginary power to make them colorful.

Here are some animal coloring pages that can introduce kids to the animals, water/sea creatures, insects and birds in a fun and educational way.

Animal and Their Young Ones Coloring Pages

In these coloring pages, kids can learn more about lots of animals and their little ones. Kids are always curious about animals and their young ones as they love to watch them whatever way possible. Many animal species in various categories open new ways for children to have fun and color them in the coloring pages. They have the opportunity to utilize their creativity in choosing the right colors for a particular animal. Some of the animals and young ones that can be colored in the coloring pages include; buffalo and calf, fox and cub, donkey and foal, bear and cub, dog and puppy, cat and kitten, chicken and hen, goat and kid, cow and calf, duck and duckling, pig and piglet, deer and fawn, sheep and lamb, baby hippopotamus and Hippopotamus animals etc. that makes it more creative and interesting to engage in the coloring activity.

Image Source: Gato para Colorir

Water Animals Coloring Pages

In these coloring pages, vast and beautiful ocean, sea and other water bodies capture the imaginative capabilities of kids. They love the sound and the serenity which it provides and the endless sight that they can behold.  Water animals can either vertebrate or invertebrate, which lives in water for most or all of its life. Water animals include, Freshwater Animals, Sea Animals and Marine Animals. These creatures may breathe air or extract its oxygen from that dissolved in water through its gills, or directly through its skin. The beautiful blue color of water and the little colorful animals is a great sight for kids in their coloring pages.

The coloring pages are packed with the varieties of water animals that are for kids’ edutainment. It helps them to take an underwater adventure of their very own by engaging in this activity. Some of the water animals are; Crab, Eel, walrus, starfish, fish, dolphin, lobster, jellyfish, shark, turtle, snail, whale, seal, giant cam, salmon, octopus, shrimp, penguin, sea lion, seahorse, clown fish, sea shells, playing dolphins, marine jellyfish, fish bonding and so on.

Insect Coloring Pages

The insect coloring pages are a fun way for kids to get acquainted with insects of all shapes and sizes. It is reported that there are over 1 million diverse known species of insects in the world. These insects can be found everywhere such as in the soil, beneath the feet, in the air, in the hair, above the head, on and in the bodies of the plants and even on the bodies of animals around, as well as on human beings/people. The tiny, cute little creatures known as insects are kids’ favorites as they can watch them all day and have fun while coloring them.

 The coloring pages have images of insects to be beautifully colored which include; honey bee, ant, butterfly, cockroach, damselfly, grasshopper, beetle, centipede, dragonfly, bedbug, lice, ladybug, mosquito, wasp, leaf mantis, spider, scorpion etc.

Birds Coloring Pages

It is estimated that one can discover around 10,000 living species of Birds in the world. Most birds have the following features; feathers, a beak with no teeth, wings, and are chirpy, colorful and gay. Kids can color these pages to make these birds come alive with vibrant colors and lighten up the world around us. Some of the popular birds in the coloring pages that can be colored are; eagle, vulture, pigeon, owl, turkey, ostrich, hawk. Others are; sparrow, flycatcher, cuckoo, flamingo, crane bird, bat bird, albatross, American kestrel, cowbird, egret and so on.

Wild Animals Coloring Pages

Wild animals are a fascinating and exciting part of our world and kids love to color them in the coloring pages. Wild Animals are in every shape, size and description or characteristics in these coloring pages. The animals that inhabit the woods are colorful ones and all sizes, shapes and colors make the wild animals together a very interesting batch for kids to color away. It is exciting for kids to watch and be mesmerized by those wild animals as they bring them to life in the most suitable colors.  Some of the animals I the coloring pages include; Cheetah, ape, Alligator, Lion, elephant, deer, crocodile, monkey, giraffe, mouse, tiger, tortoise, zebra, snake, wolf, Dinosaur, beer, chimpanzee, koala etc.