Apex Legends Latest Seasons: Everything You Need To Know

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Apex Legends’ first season began on March 19, 2019. Battle passes are time-limited rewards for completing in-game challenges during a season. Seasons can also bring a map and gameplay modifications. There are a lot of seasons now available, and it brings with it a number of exciting new additions to the game. 

Every season introduces the Battle Pass, which rewards players with exclusive in-game items as they progress through its 100 tiers. There are also new challenges to complete, and a host of other changes that you can read about in this article. So jump in and start your adventure!

Season 11: Escape 

Apex Legends season 11 (Period: November 2, 2021 – February 8, 2022) is one of the most exciting seasons with a new legend, map, and game mode. One of the biggest changes this season is the addition of the new legend Horizon. Horizon is a powerful Physicscaster who has the ability to manipulate gravity. This makes her perfect for both offense and defense, and she is sure to shake up the meta in a big way. 

In addition to Horizon, season 11 will also see the debut of the new map Olympus. Olympus is a beautiful but dangerous place, and it will provide a whole new challenge for players to overcome. 

Finally, season 11 will introduce a brand-new game mode called Escape. In this mode, players must team up and evade capture by a deadly force known as the Specter Squad. With so much new content on the horizon, Apex Legends season 11 is shaping up to be one of the best yet.

In this season, Ash, a simulacrum Legend from Titanfall 2, returns. Titanfall 2’s CAR SMG is a new weapon. Storm Point is a new Battle Royale map. New battle pass, new Ranked season with system adjustments.

Season 12: Defiance

Apex Legends season 12 is titled Defiance, and its period is February 8, 2022 – May 10, 2022. The new season will bring a host of changes to the popular battle royale game, including a new legend, map, and weapon. What’s more, Respawn Entertainment has teased a “bigger shift” for the game in terms of both gameplay and storytelling. Here’s everything you need to know about Apex Legends season 12: Defiance.

As the name suggests, Apex Legends season 12 will be all about Defiance. The new season will introduce a new legend named Horizon, who is described as a “brilliant astrophysicist.” Horizon uses her Gravity Lift ability to defy the laws of gravity, and she comes equipped with an Assault Rifle and Energy Ammo. In addition to Horizon, the new season will also add a brand new map called Olympus. Olympus is a “beautiful utopia floating high above the toxic Blue Zone” that has been plunged into chaos. Finally, the new season will introduce a new weapon called the Bocek Bow. The Bocek Bow is a powerful compound bow that can be used to take down enemies from afar.

Mad Maggie, an old acquaintance of Fuse, destroyed Season 8’s map and briefly controlled Apex. The season opens with a 9v9 mode called “Control” for three weeks. Players can get unique legend-themed packs during the season’s third anniversary.

With so much new content on the horizon, Apex Legends season 12 is shaping up to be one of the biggest seasons yet. 

Season 13: Saviors

Apex Legends season 13 is just around the corner, and fans are eager to see what new content the update will bring. Finally, it’s released on May 10, 2022, and until August 9, 2022. The most recent teaser for the season, titled “Saviors”, offers a hint at what players can expect. 

The teaser shows two characters, Rampart and Horizon, standing in front of a crashed ship. It’s not clear what role these two will play in the new season, but they seem to be working together to fix the ship. This suggests that season 13 will focus on teamwork and cooperation, which should make for an interesting change of pace. 

A new character called Newcastle is Bangalore’s brother Jackson. Storm Point will be updated with a sea creature destroyed by legends and new IMC bunkers that can give high-tier treasure. Ranked will be changed to emphasize team play; players will receive points even if they didn’t assist. Players can now drop ranks.

In addition to the new characters, season 13 will also introduce a new weapon, the Volt submachine gun. The Volt looks to be a powerful close-range weapon that should be great for taking down enemies quickly. With all of this new content on the horizon, Apex Legends season 13 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting seasons yet.

Season 13: Hunted

The new season of Apex Legends, Hunted, is now live. The season introduces a new legend, Rampart, as well as a new weapon, the Volt SMG. The map has also been updated, with the addition of a new area called artifacts. In the latest season, players will be able to hunt down these artifacts and use them to purchase items from wildlife vendors. 

Vantage, a new legend, has sniper-friendly skills. King’s Canyon will be “reforged,” with Skull Town renamed “Relic” returning; other sites have been changed for better rotations. After reaching level 500, players can retreat to level 1 and progress again.

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Apex Legends introduces several changes to the game, including challenges and rewards for players who complete them, as well as a Battle Pass system where players can unlock cosmetic items by playing the game and leveling up. With the addition of these new seasons, Apex Legends is sure to keep players entertained for hours on end. So what are you waiting for? Login now and jump into the action!

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