5 Asian countries you can explore for your graduate studies abroad


The decision to pursue a master’s degree abroad comes with its own set of advantages. You get to experience a new country, explore a new style of university education and expand your horizons. Additionally, most international graduate students often choose to live in independent accommodations. This can give you a taste of what life will look like after your graduation.

When it comes to graduate degrees, most people tend to look for universities in the western hemisphere. However, recent times are witnessing an influx of international students in developed nations in Asia. Earn a master’s degree in Singapore or any other Asian hub can provide similar quality of education as compared to the US or the UK.

Here are a few Asian countries that are fast emerging as world-class educational destinations for foreign students to do their graduate degrees.

  1. The People’s Republic of China: China has completely revamped its image in the last decade and has emerged as an important economic superpower. Owing to the constant economic development, Chinese higher education has greatly developed and expanded especially in areas like scientific studies, technology and business administration. There are scores of Chinese universities that offer great graduate programmes in these fields.
  2. Malaysia: Malaysia has truly emerged as one of the most developed nations in the Asian subcontinent owing to the dramatic rise in business hotspots and foreign investments in the country. Malaysian cities like Kuala Lumpur and Penang have become thriving business centres teeming with international students. These students also choose Malaysia owing to its multicultural environment and affordable tuition.
  3. Singapore: You should head out to Singapore if you want the city lights and facilities rivalling London with the vibrant multicultural feel of an Asian city. Singapore is home to offices of the largest MNCs in the world and is a thriving international business hub. The city is also home to some of the finest education institutes in the world that offer excellent postgraduate degrees in a wide variety of subjects.
  4. Japan: Japan is one of the world’s leading economies and a world leader in technology, science and medicine. This tiny island is an exciting centre for cutting-edge innovations in every scientific field including robotic surgeries, optical fibres and automatic electric vehicles. Japanese education systems are considered to be holistic and all-rounded. As a graduate student in the country, you can also visit renowned cultural heritage structures such as the Himeji Castle and the Itsukushima Shrine.

Apart from these countries, you could also explore India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea for your further studies. Gaining a higher university degree in an Asian country can allow you to witness beautiful destinations, rich and diverse cultures and ancient traditions. You will also gain a perspective on the importance of diversity in every professional domain. You should start looking out for appropriate master’s programmes in these countries that match your professional interests and career goals.


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