Audi Naming System

Audi Naming System

Just like other Germans, Audi uses a combination of letters and numbers for their lineup. Each model name is split into two sections, the first one holds a letter while the second one holds a single-digit number. Audi brand is also available for rent via Luxury Car Rental Dubai.

The first section which is the letters indicates whether the car is a sedan, SUV, or a performance vehicle. While the second section which is the number indicates the segment of the car, the higher the number the bigger the car is. The core Audi models have the letter A in the first section while SUVs have their TQ instead and performance cars use either the letter S or the two letters RS depending on the model.

Models Of Audi Vehicle

Audi’s core models start with the letter A the smallest model of which is the A1 which is a tiny little hatchback. Skipping one digit Audi’s next model is the A3 which is a fancier version of the Volkswagen golf that comes as a hatchback and salon version.

The A4 is a compact-sized sedan that competes with the likes of Mercedes C-class and BMW’s 3-series. After this A5 is a compact copay sedan. Then comes the A6 and the A7 which are almost identical despite that the A7 has a sloping copay style roof compared to the conventional sedan style on the A6.

The Audi’s luxury and sophistication is the A8 flagship sedan. This is where all of Audi’s new technologies are implemented. The major competitors of the A8 are the Mercedes S-class and BMW’s 7 series.

Engines Of Audi’s Vehicles

If you take a look at the rear bumper of an Audi you will probably notice the two-section figure. However, on some models, the right side of the bumper has more figures as well. These figures indicate the powertrain of the car.

These are also separated into two sections, the first one holds a two digits number that shows how strong the engine is. The higher the number the stronger the engine gets but these numbers are neither representative of the actual size of the engine nor the number of horsepower it produces. The second section indicates whether the engine uses petrol or diesel. Simply “TFSI” for petrol and “TDI” for diesel.

One thing to know is the Quattro badge, this means that the car is fitted with Audi’s superior four-wheel-drive system. Luxury Car Rental Dubai always waiting for the car lover.

Audi’s SUV Vehicles

The SUV range kicks off with the q2. Since Audi is yet to announce the q1 there is the q3, q5 the 7 zeta q7, and the latest SUV in the lineup the q8. As you can notice Audi’s SUV range is nowhere near as complex and concentrated as its other German rivals.

Audi’s Electric Vehicle

Audi has only one fully electric model in their lineup which is the E-Tron. However, Audi is working on their second electric vehicle which they teased by unveiling this E-Tron concept.

S/RS Versions

Performance versions of Audi’s core models use either the letter S or RS instead of A. S models are more powerful than the normal versions while RS is even faster. Basically, RS models are Audi’s competitors for AMG and empower. Those people who love Audi’s car, now they can drive this in the city of Dubai. Here is the link you can get from Luxury Car Rental Dubai with a rental cost of 2100 AED per day or 12000 AED per week. Audi R8 V10 2021 is available in black color. This car is made for 2 passengers so if you have one another friend with you this car is the best option.


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