Author Solutions Shares Five Tips to Keep You Focused and Get Your Manuscript Finished


Every manuscript starts out with an excellent idea and burst of inspiration. Typically, it’s easy to get started and build up steam for period, but inevitably, you’ll hit a writer’s block. This is to be expected and it is actually a normal part of the creative process.  But getting beyond this point takes applied discipline and focus.  Author Solutions, a company that provides resources for writers, provides an array of services to help you maintain the discipline and focus required to complete your manuscript, as well as helping you organize all the details that go into publishing your book.

Here are some tips to help you maintain that essential discipline and focus so you can successfully complete your manuscript and finally see your book in print. 

1. Set goal dates for important benchmarks.

As all great motivational gurus have recanted, the first step to manifesting any great project is to visualize the outcome at the onset.  Setting a goal date for the completion of your manuscriptwill provide enough motivation, and just the right touch of pressure, to keep you on task and writing. Allow yourself a reasonable amount of time to complete your project, and keep a monthly calendar on hand to note your progress. Set goal dates for the completion of each chapter or section and check these off on your calendar as you complete them. If your goal is to hold a copy of your published book in your hands, the first step is to visualize yourself holding that book, throwing a book launch event, and autographing copies of your book at this event. Create a vision board or timeline to help guide you as you work toward this goal.

2. Create the perfect writing environment.

Writing is an introverted activity that requires space and time. For many writers, the biggest obstacle to making progress is interference and distractions that keep you from sitting down and focusing. Whether you work best at home in the privacy of your own home office or kitchen table, at a comfortable café, or at a quiet location such as a public library, set yourself up for success by committing to a set number of hours daily in that space, and then stick to that commitment.

3. Find an accountability partner to help keep you on track.

Many writers find that the best tool you can use to provide the motivation and support to encourage you to stick to your daily writing schedule is to select an “accountability partner” that you check in with daily or weekly to make you have completed your daily or weekly writing goals.  One great resource for this service isAuthorHouse, a publishing consultant organization that has plenty of experience in providing this type of motivation, encouragement and support for thousands of published authors.Once you’ve completed your manuscript, you’ll want to add an acknowledgement section in which you mention and thank all those who helped you to complete your book, including any friends and family who have inspired you, scholars who may have contributed valuable insights into your subject matter, and anyone else who contributed to helping you reach your goal.

4. Set a reasonable schedule for designing, publishing, and launching your book.

Once you have committed to a goal date for completion of your manuscript, you’ll need to also establish a schedule for finishing and publishing the finished work. For example, if you want to have a book signing event a year from now, you must allow enough time to complete the manuscript, then submit it to an editor, design the cover, and allow time for the copies to be printed and distributed, as well as planning how you will promote the work through social media and other channels.

5. Planacelebratory book launch and book signing event.

The launch of your book should be an unforgettable event that should carry as much weight as a wedding or college graduation.  Select a special date for this event and stick to it as if it were set in stone. If you plan to host this event at a rented venue, rent the venue in advance to secure your commitment to this event.  You’ll also want to plan this event carefullyand invite not only friends and family, but anyone with whom you’d like to share your accomplishment. Invite literary critics, journalists, and fellow authors, as well as scholars and anyone who may be interested professionally in your work. Set aside several copies of your book to give as gifts to all those who’ve inspired and assisted you in your progress.

While many people set out to write a book, far fewer are actually able to complete the task and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the completed work.  By sticking to your commitment and applying discipline and focus, you too can become a published author and enjoy satisfaction of seeing your book in print!

About Author Solutions

If you’re looking for assistance in getting your manuscript published, consider turning to the experts at Author Solutions (AS), an entity that has empowered more than 250,000 authors who have brought more than 300,000 published books to market across six continents. Author Solutions provides comprehensive editing, publishing, marketing, and distribution services for authors working across a variety of genres and helps these authors serve audiences all over the world.  

Author Solutions maintains strategic partnerships with such traditional publishers and media companies as Simon and Schuster, Harper Collins, Hay House, and Reader’s Digest and have operated successful self-publishing imprints for these companies for more than a decade. Author Solutions has also created opportunities for author to get their books adapted for  television or film, thanks to their first-look partnerships with major players in Hollywood. For more information on how Author Solutions can help you publish your manuscript, please visit


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