Banana Kush feminized seeds Review

Banana Kush feminized seeds Review

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If you’re looking to find the most pleasant high, Banana Kush feminized seeds are perfect for helping you get there. This strain has a high reputation among recreational and medical users alike. Beginners and veterans appreciate this award-winning cultivar for its flavor and effect.

Banana Kush feminized seeds feel like the ultimate offering from nature. This manufactured hybrid has a lot going on for it when it comes to smell and properties. This cannabis is created by breeding Skunk Haze with Ghost OG, and the resulting weed unlocks a realm of joy. 

This indica dominant beauty is full of surprises, and we’re going to unravel all of them for you here. We’ll find out why this strain was awarded Best Indica back in the 2011 Cannabis Cup. Discover how to germinate and grow your garden with Banana Kush feminized seeds.

Let’s roll…

Banana Kush feminized seeds description

There’s no single adjective to describe this cannabis plant. The moment it begins to grow, it makes itself noticeable with its potent terpene profile. If you choose to grow Banana Kush feminized seeds, you’re opening the mother of all rewarding loot crates.

This marijuana plant has the sweet taste of banana with mild acidic undertones of Kush barely noticeable. The tropical smell of the yellow fruit will confuse many noses out there. When your nugs are finely cured, the smoking experience doesn’t stray too far from all the banana goodness.

You get a rewarding visual feast once your Banana Kush feminized seeds grow into fully developed plants. An open field lets your garden top at 4 feet tall. The bushy foliage requires some work to offer proper ventilation.

In the end, the crops reward you with heavy nugs covered with light fellow pistils and thick layers of trichomes. If you wish to take a look at the plants obtained from Banana Kush feminized seeds, make sure to visit the website of Homegrown Cannabis Co. 

Banana Kush feminized effects

Let’s be blunt about it: The cannabis you get from feminized Banana Kush seeds has the single mission of helping you relax. There are no accomplishments to pursue once you enjoy the first puff of this weed. The best you can hope for is an evening of indulgence and relaxation.

The faint flirts with euphoria you have in the first minutes after consumption quickly fades away. Your muscles soon follow suit by melting away all the tension you’re holding onto after a rough day. You’re left with mild laughing fits over nothing and everything surrounding you.

If you’re with friends, you’ll get as chatty as they come, with a whole new level of eloquence finding its way into your vocabulary. As your body falls into a deeply relaxed state, your senses never go entirely dull. You might feel stricken by a sudden burst of inspiration.

The weed from feminized Banana Kush seeds gives you free rein to write your ideas. If you’re on your own, let your thoughts take you away. It may be gibberish when you come to your senses, or it may be the masterpiece that eventually becomes your legacy. 

As the indica genes kick into high gear, your body begins to surrender to the sweet feeling of bliss that soon takes you to dreamland. It’s not surprising since the cannabis you get from Banana Kush feminized seeds boasts hefty 17–21% THC levels.

Even with a low 2% CBD content, the strain brings enough peace of mind to be the favorite of recreational smokers and medical patients. The latter often seek the cultivar to alleviate stress, depression, or deal with insomnia.

Overconsumption of cannabis from Banana Kush feminized seeds isn’t recommended. Due to its high THC content, you may experience some paranoia, anxiety, and dizziness. You also have to deal with dry eyes and a sore throat, so keep your hydration kit close by. 

Banana Kush feminized flavors

You can’t accuse Banana Kush feminized seeds of offering something not advertised. This cultivar makes a point of living up to its name lavishly. The plants exude an aroma that readily translates into flavor, making it especially difficult to separate one trait from the other.

The strong scent of banana stays with you during all development stages and multiples tenfold after drying your nugs. The first bud you break invades all your senses and makes your mouth water in expectation. We recommend taking this first toke slowly.

The creamy taste of the marijuana grown from Banana Kush feminized seeds stays with you long and hard. A carousel of natural flavors hits your palate one after the other. Sweet tropical fruits, pinewood, and the mild acidic tones of Kush will keep your senses enticed.

How to germinate Banana Kush feminized seeds

Germination is the most crucial process you need to handle before growing Banana Kush feminized seeds. While the procedure is easy enough to perform, you should do it carefully and tactfully to ensure successful crops.  

First, order state-of-the-art Banana Kush feminized seeds from a reputable seed bank. Next, gather some basic items at home or get them at the hardware store:

  • Latex gloves
  • Tweezers
  • Water sprayer
  • Distilled water

Before getting your seeds out of the package, ensure that the germination space is clean. The last thing you want is to contaminate them and ruin the potential huge harvest at the end. Now pick one of these germination methods and apply them as described: 

Germinating with water

Fill half a glass with distilled water and pick each of the Banana Kush feminized seeds with tweezers. Drop them into the glass and let them sit at the bottom for 24 hours at least. When the time’s up, you’ll see a few taproots on the seeds indicating they’re ready to be transferred.

It may sound easy, but this process needs to be handled with care. Watch out for any seeds floating on the surface when the germination process begins. These are duds, and they won’t break their shells at all.

Germination with soil

This is a classic germination method used globally with all sorts of plants. To make your Banana Kush feminized seeds sprout from the soil, ensure you’re working with clean, fresh, and fertile earth. Make a small hole with your finger, one inch deep at least. Place one seed inside using tweezers.

Cover your feminized Banana Kush seeds and let them take hold using their roots on the soil. It’s important to tend to your seeds daily by spraying them with a little water. After ten days, tiny sprouts will begin to make their way to the surface.

Germination with paper towels

The paper towel technique is a longtime favorite germination method among marijuana gardeners. It’s easy to perform and cost-effective. To get started, place a dinner plate on a flat surface. Now proceed to spray one sheet of paper towel all over and lay it on the plate.

Pick the Banana Kush feminized seeds using the tweezers and place them on the humid paper towel. Make sure they’re one inch apart from each other. Now take a second sheet of paper towel and get it slightly humid as well. Use it to cover the seeds and place a second plate over to close the setup.

Let the Banana Kush feminized seeds rest for 1–5 days. Check the humidity level of the setup is steady at all times. Place it in a dark, warm spot to help seeds sprout. You should see results in the first 24 hours.

Germination with wool blocks or peat pellets

Wool blocks and peat pellets are items manufactured with the sole purpose of germinating seeds. They both work great with Banana Kush feminized seeds as well.

Choose wool blocks if you’re growing cannabis indoors. Just spray them with water and place the seeds inside using the tweezers. They germinate after three days.

Peat pellets follow a similar process, but they’re only suitable for outdoor gardens. Just follow the same procedure indicated with wool blocks to get similar results. 

Banana Kush feminized seeds grow information

The versatility of Banana Kush feminized seeds is undeniable. Their build is hefty without imposing, so you can keep their size manageable by using low stress training techniques such as bending and topping. This cultivar does as well in the open as it does indoors.

Feminized Banana Kush seeds develop best when they have a steady diet of nutrients. A dry, warm environment suits your garden if you’re growing outdoors. A Mediterranean climate works well as long as the soil is clean and has excellent drainage properties.

Banana Kush feminized seeds love a hydroponics setup combined with Sea of Green if you’re growing indoors. These techniques create a broader canopy and ensure the roots get well-nourished.

Keep in mind these plants are vulnerable to mold and mildew, so it’s important to maintain a controlled environment to ensure successful development.

Room temperatures should be no higher than 70–80°F, and relative humidity levels must be at 40–50%. It’s important to step up your gardening skills for this one. The plants you get from Banana Kush feminized seeds are very touchy when it comes to pruning and trimming.

Remove damaged portions of your crop before it affects the rest of your garden. Handle nutrient intake at least once a week—do this a few hours after watering to avoid burning your plants.

By using 600 W LED lamps and lighting cycles of 16 x 8, you’ll get beautiful-looking plants. Your feminized Banana Kush seeds reach peak maturity after nine weeks. If you’ve done the work right, expect to harvest 18 oz. /m² of cannabis indoors or 21 oz. per plant outdoors.

Banana Kush feminized seeds genetics

Banana Kush feminized seeds wear their genetic lineage with pride. This delicious cultivar is bred by combining Ghost OG and Skunk Haze. Both strains are indica leaning, which explains the sought-after effects provided by this cultivar.

The rich lineage of Banana Kush feminized seeds doesn’t stop there. If you backtrack your search a bit more, you’ll learn of quite a few landrace cultivars thrown in the mix. You can find traces of Afghani, Haze, Hindu Kush, Nepalese, Lemon Thai, Acapulco Gold, and many others.

Where to buy Banana Kush feminized seeds

The USA has been slowly relaxing its stance about the legality of cannabis consumption. While there’s no federal law regulating marijuana consumption country-wide, many states have their own set of laws already in place for this purpose. 

Once you make sure you’re living somewhere where cannabis consumption is permitted, place an order of seeds online. You can get the best Banana Kush feminized seeds with the fantastic people working at Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Homegrown Cannabis offers top-quality marijuana seeds with a 100% germination guarantee. They also boast a vast array of payment methods as well as fast, secure, and discreet shipping methods.

Shed the stress and get some rest with Banana Kush feminized

Everyone has a bad day now and again, and everyone deserves to forget about it. Rest shouldn’t be a struggle deprived by your thoughts. The cannabis grown from Banana Kush feminized seeds is perfect for helping you get to that point where you can relax and let your mind drift away.

Banana Kush feminized seeds grow into beautiful bushy plants that make their presence known with their smell alone. A single toke of this cannabis is enough to understand why it won the awards it has and why so many people love it.

Let Banana Kush feminized melt away your sorrows. The exotic flavor of this plant is enough to transport you to a tropical island, far, far away. Surrender to the deep slumber offered by this cannabis and start a new day ready to face any challenge.

Pick up your first pack of seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co today and enjoy a personal stash in just a few months.

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