Basketball – A Well-Known Game in the Sports Field


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Basketball – A brief history

Basketball is known as the only major sport of U.S. origin. On 1st December 1891, James Naismith invented this game at International Young Men’s Christian Association, Springfield, Massachusetts.

Basketball – Indoor Game Invention

Naismith, a physical education instructor, developed an indoor game for helping students to be busy. Initially using a soccer ball, Naismith assigned each of two nine-player teams a specific area opposite each other. Players throw the ball from where they are standing once they are appropriately positioned without moving. 

In contrast to modern basketball, there were no dribbles and thus no shots. There were no field goals, baskets worth only one point as teams played until scored. Whenever a team scored a goal, that team received possession of the ball to begin play. This change from Naismith’s original rules is currently the most fundamental difference between indoor and outdoor basketball. 

International games use 32-minute halves compared to 40-minute quarters in U.S. men’s college and professional games (which play four 8-minute quarters).

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Court of Basketball Game

Basketball on an enclosed court. The standard American b-ball court is a square shape of 50 feet (15.2 m) by 94 feet (28.7 m). Different markings on the court, including a middle circle, accessible toss paths, and a three-point line, assist with directing the play. A target, or compartment, 18 inches (46 cm) in estimation, is suspended from a backboard at each court finish. The basket metal rim above the floor is 10 feet—a rectangular backboard, 6 feet width, and 3.5 feet height. In the professional game, unbreakable material, the worldwide court changes to some degree in size and markings. Tonybet is an online sports betting provider. It was established in 2008 by its owner TonyBet Sports. The company offers a sports betting platform and mobile app with live streaming support to customers worldwide. For more information, click

Game Rules for Basketball

The rules of a basketball game are varied and complex.

  • For point-scoring player will shoot the ball through the basket.
  • The defense tries to prevent the opposition from scoring by intercepting shots, stealing the ball, or blocking it (goaltending) within certain limits. 
  • Players advance the ball up court with a series of legal plays that must end with either a shot or pass towards the goal or play in other ways ending without a score.
  • Players begin each playing period on an assigned part of a court marked off by foul lines at both ends of the court. 
  • The team defending this area has possession of the basketball when play begins.

Some Different Terms used in Basketball Game

  • Blocking
  • Dribble
  • Held Ball
  • Pass
  • Pivot
  • Turnover


 How to decrease dribble time?

Move closer to the ball handler.
Keep eyes on the ball and be alert to the opponent’s movement and your own teammate’s body position.
Mark your defender if he tries to use pick-and-rolls, switches, or other screens set by his teammates (this is called “Fronting”).

What is the rule to end the Dribble?

Dribbling will end when the player does the following 
Touches the floor with any piece of his body other than foot.
Touches the ball at the same time with both hands.

Are there any records from the FIBA CUP 2021?

FIBA CUP 2021 Champions: Canada
Runner Up: United States
The Canadian Player of the Tournament was Thiérry Adamu from Cameroon. His average was 20.9 points and 11.6 rebounds a game during the tournament.

The top three teams in FIBACUP 2021 are?

China (ASIA), Germany (EUROPE), and Brazil

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