8 Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos

8 Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos

Nowadays everything is quick and easy. We can order food online and it will be delivered in no time, do our shopping and he will come the next day, order new clothes and they will be delivered to us in no time. This “instant” products are also expected in the aspect of product and service presentation as well as promotions. Audience wants quick and easy access to information. This is where Animated Explainer Videos comes in.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of animated explainer videos

1. Quickly convey complex processes

Who haven’t been in this situation?

You have bought some product and want to use it immediately. But a quick look at the ten-language telephone instructions manual dampens your enthusiasm immediately.

So you try your luck on the Internet, where, in addition to unspecific forum entries, a short and confusing YouTube video is what you could find. A professionally produced animated explainer videos can clearly convey the most important content of a product instruction within a very short time. This saves a lot of time and effort.

2. Easy to use – Appealing to customers

In case of any doubt, your customer can get more understanding about the use of your product with an animated explainer video instead of a dry instruction manual.

After all, all you need for consumption is a click on the play button to relax and deal with the content. Videos are particularly popular on the Internet. Modern social networks are partly designedfor video content or increasingly offer video content. Explainer videos can also be used internally. In this way, all employees can be informed quickly and easily about important processes and innovations.

3. Quick understanding and interesting presentation

Successful explanatory films reach the customer on an emotional level. You can do this when an unusual or gripping story is told. If the video arouses the customer’s interest, he or she will permanently memorize the conveyed content. Make use of all the exciting possibilities that an animated explanatory video offers. Illustrate complex processes or explain complicated content with the help of moving graphics, images and figures.

4. Improve Your Brand Image

Promote the image of your company with an appealing video in the corporate design of your company. In this way you can not only ensure that the explained content is recorded quickly, a professionally created animated explainer video can also help to significantly shape your company’s image.

5. Recognition

A great explainer video not only ensures that the conveyed content is understood. Rather, it can also cement a positive image of your company in the minds of your customers. Give the video the signature of your corporate identity in order to increase your recognition value.

6. More Likes and Shares

Video content on social networks is not only so popular because it is easy and quick to consume. The special attraction lies in the fact that they can be so easily shared with friends and acquaintances and forwarded. In the best case scenario, your video can go viral and reach an enormous number of people.

7. Increase Engagement

If users feel comfortable on a website, they stay there much longer. This can be achieved by offering you a familiar environment. Many people use social networks and are used to video content as a result. Use videos to arouse user’s interest in your offerings.

 In the best case, they will be happy to stay longer on your site and click through your offered products and services very quickly. Increased engagement time often goes hand in hand with increased sales.

As mentioned earlier, video content could bring more attention to your business, especially on social networks. Take advantage of this trend by embedding video content on your website and using explainer videos on your product pages, your website can immediately appear more modern and serious and thus gain customer’s trust. Are you interested in promoting your business and services, get animated explainer video to give your business a boost.

Source Link: https://scalar.usc.edu/works/interest/8-benefits-of-animated-explainer-videos

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