Benefits of Rich Media Strategy In Push Notifications

Rich Media Strategy

Last Updated on February 13, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Retain your users with rich media push notifications to boost revenue. Read this article and know how rich media strategy in push notifications helps to increase sales.

If you are thinking about implementing rich media push notifications in your app marketing strategy then you must be aware of these stats because as per the study, React-native push notifications with visuals have a 56% higher open rate than React-native push notifications without visuals.

In this post, we will cover what rich media push notifications are, why it is used, and lots more.

So, let’s get started with the basic introduction of rich push notifications.

What Rich Push Notifications

Rich push notifications are brief and crisp popup messages sent to a user’s mobile device with rich media attachments like images, GIFs, movies, and sound. Rich formats, Emojis, customized send timings, enhanced targeting, and personalization all improve response rates.

Why Rich Push Notifications Are Used

As there is a character limit in push notifications, marketers write content within 40-50 characters. And, this same push notification message is sent to multiple users in a rush. So, these uncreative push notifications become the reason for 71% of all app uninstalls.

Most mobile marketers overlook the fact that users receive up to 50 push notifications from various businesses on any given day. Any normal person would be irritated by the push notifications. However, push notifications are not the issue; it is how marketers use them that is.

To stand out from the daily bombardment of push notifications from several applications and keep users engaged, your message must be brief, unique, and persuasive. This is the situation where rich push notifications can be beneficial.

What Variations Exist Between Android And iOS Rich Push Notifications

Rich push notifications have a few platform-specific changes, just like push notifications do.

Android only supports large images at the moment. In addition to allowing images Apple began allowing notifications with images and other media such as GIFs, video, and sound with the iOS update, and image cropping is now possible.

iOS also offers a way to add alternative text for unauthorized devices and browsers. Users who are unable to get rich push notifications receive a message that does not include the rich media.

What Are The Benefits Of Rich Media Strategy In Push Notifications

To encourage users to act, marketers can send push notifications to iOS and Android devices with rich media attachments. The increased engagement fosters deep interactions, which in turn boosts retention rates.

Here are three pros of rich media that assist mobile marketers in retaining users:

1. Deliver Personalized Push Notifications

Up to 800% more people will open a tailored React-native push notification. In the game of personalization, text with vibrant images always prevails.

For example, when a user makes an order of pizza, send a rich push notification for the pizza slice. This is a perfect example of how personalization and rich media may increase the effectiveness of your marketing message.

2. Make Use Of Graphics

Plain text tends to fade into the background, even if the copy is perfect. That is why businesses use graphics to make their products more enticing and their buying experience more enjoyable. The same holds for push notifications strategy.

It is a show-and-tell activity. Without requiring users to open the mobile app, marketers can effectively communicate key messages by using a few words, a carefully chosen image or short clip, and a relevant CTA button.

3. Reduce The Clutter

Several people spend 3 to 4 hours per day on their smartphones. However, marketers are always facing split attention, which occurs when users are unable to maintain one piece of information in their heads for an extended period. Even a millisecond of focus would be hailed a victory!

As compared to push notifications, which have limited letters to convey your message, pictures can stimulate user interest, resulting in higher brand awareness. 

Final Words

So, this is all about rich push notifications. Now, you have got to know the benefits of rich push notifications. So, ready to use push notifications with rich media? Just try it and see the miracle.

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