Benefits Of Yoga And Martial Arts

Yoga And Martial Arts

At first sight, yoga and martial arts may seem like completely different things because the first one speaks of ashima meaning non violence and helps us to be more self aware and kind people. On the other hand martial arts represents self defense combat practice and violent fighting.

But most of the people don’t realize that yoga and martial arts both get their adequacy from the same principles. In the ancient times yoga had many similarities with martial arts and their roots are deeply  intertwined. On closer examination you can notice that some elements of yoga are the parts of martial arts and some building blocks of yoga are the elements of yoga training.

How Yoga Is Complementary To Martial Arts

Mindfulness, consciousness and awareness are the fundamentals of yoga and martial arts. Both of them focus on movement precision and awareness of surroundings.

It is a common misconception that yoga and martial arts are completely different and can’t go together. Practically yoga and martial arts might be different but their benefits and fundamentals are very similar.

5 Benefits of Yoga and Martial Arts

Here are the 5 benefits of yoga and martial arts.


Yoga is known in fitness for its ability to improve flexibility and it can benefit martial artists as well. Yoga positions and poses are designed to stretch your muscles and bring fluidity to your joints. And repeating the same movement in martial arts will keep your muscles tight. With increased flexibility and tight muscles you can pack more power into your punches and easily expertise the martial arts.

Improved Breathing:

Sun Salutation and some other techniques in yoga integrates the mind and body with the help of focused breathing and stretching. As a martial artist you can benefit from this body and mind synchronizing during martial arts matches. Some other breathing techniques Like Belly Breath and Breath of Fire can help you to hold your breath in crucial times during matches.

Mind Body Mastery:

While yoga has proven to be  beneficial in improving the mind and body, practicing yoga for some individuals alone is insufficient. Yoga practices give best results when they are combined with meditation and proper nutrition. Yoga helps in blood circulation and gives more oxygen to the brain so that the brain works better so we think better. Our mind gets peace and body gets energy and it increases our lifespan. Yoga is useful for martial artists because yoga improves the blood circulation and oxygen level in the brain and makes martial artists active.

Core Strength and Balance:

Balance is not a key factor in yoga or in martial arts but it is also a very important factor in our daily life. Remaining balanced in the odd situations of life is key to a happy life. Several yoga poses like tree posture helps the yogis and martial artists in maintaining the balance of their body.

By practicing the difficult yoga stances you will realize that real difficulty lies in maintaining the difficult poses, not in getting into them. Maintaining a pose for a long period of time helps the martial artists to use their core muscle which builds the foundation of powerful kicks and punches.

Prevent Injuries:

Martial artists take precautions but they are prone to injury. When a martial artist pairs its training with yoga he increases his flexibility and range of motion which helps in relaxing tightened muscles. Thus yoga helps a martial artist to push himself harder in the training sessions without worrying about the injuries.

Harmony By Karate:

At Harmony By Karate, “harmony” is accomplished through essential yoga focusing on deep breathing, yoga stances, meditation and philosophy of yoga. All this assists a beginner in developing a peaceful mind and nourishes his spiritual growth.

At Harmony by Karate students use slow Chi Fung movement that maximizes the speed, power and flexibility of a learner. Martial Arts techniques illustrate what is possible, eliminates fear of students and empowers them to conquer any obstacle.

Harmony By Karate has been located in the Upper West Side for over 27 years.

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