Benefits of using industrial material handling equipment in your space


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Rivet Shelving Instrumental shelving can be used to store small quantities of items that do not need to be shaped like pallet racks, such as pallets or racks that do not require pallet storage. Industrial shelters also have the ability to control the weight of various products. Some shelves support only a few hundred pounds while other types of industrial shelter can support one ton per shelf depending on your needs. Other benefits include:

  • The initial cost is lower than other storage options.
  • Compact shelving units help you make the best use of your storage space.
  • It can be made as high-rise shelving (similar to the configurations attached to the pallet rack).
  • Industrial supply options for your storage application

There are a variety of options for industrial shelters, including the following:

Steel shelves

Steel shelves is a durable alternative to shelter and works well in high-traffic areas of your operation. This type of shelter material can handle impact and accidents well. Steel shelves can hold a large room and are also suitable for accommodating drawers, cans or dividers for small items. Steel shelves are often installed using bolts and clips for easy installation.

Wide-space shelving / rivet shelving

These are two strong options for Operation that require the option of a pallet rack. This type of shelter provides you with both carrying loads of 1,500 and 2,000 pounds, for medium to heavy loads due to heavy construction.

Backroom shelter

Extensive Record Storage shelving although this type of shelving is commonly used in retail operations, it also has a variety of uses in industrial settings. The back shelves can be identified by their three main components. These include X-bracing, swinging and shelving. These parts come together in a snap and open and closed configuration for easy assembly. Weak in this type of storage.

In any distribution or warehousing environment, it is important to prevent accidents and injuries, maintain valuable inventory, and protect Material Handling Equipment. With busy operations, it can be difficult to monitor delivery drivers, visitors and service providers inside and outside your home.

To help measure this condition, companies can install driver cages, which can provide a variety of benefits to your operation, including:

Increase facility security

With a driver cage, you can let visitors access your facility without giving them access to any inventory, devices or equipment. The driver cage allows them to enter your facility, but they cannot get out of the cage until authorized personnel enter the facility.

Keep visitors safe

The drive cage also helps improve the safety of visitors. The driver’s cage can be placed in bay-traffic shipping and receiving areas to prevent accidents in the bay and to prevent visitors from entering the forklift corridor or coming into contact with dangerous moving machinery.

Provide employee entry and exit from the emergency

While the driver’s cage is useful for keeping truck drivers, salespersons, delivery staff and other visitors safe, they can also serve as employee entrances to the facility. They can be designed to be used as a quick exit for employees in an emergency.

Driver cage

There are a variety of components that can be added to your driver cage. It is recommended that you add a full-width push bar to your drive cage. This will allow you to use your driver cage as a quick exit for emergencies.To enhance the security of your driver cage, you can also install 5-button coded access, card reader and remote push button. Other items include:

  • Service Windows – With the help of service windows, you can allow secure exchange of small items and paperwork.
  • Steel Bench – You can install 4 ‘, 6’ or 8 ‘wide steel benches to accommodate the drivers.
  • Roof Panel – If you need a full attachment, consider installing a full-term roof to complete your driver cage.
  • Railing system– Driver cages are usually installed in high traffic areas of the facility, so it is recommended that you install one or two high protective security systems around the perimeter of the driver access cage. This will provide extra protection to the drivers.
  • Driver cage design and installation services for secure convenience

At, we are dedicated to providing high quality products to help our customers run their operations safely and efficiently. If you would like to learn more about how a driver cage can take advantage of your convenience, contact the experts at Material Handling Equipment today!

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