What is the best choice for you, Home safe box or safety deposit box?

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What is the best choice for you, Home safe box or safety deposit box?

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Some time ago when I decided to buy an apartment, I didn’t know if I should install a home safe or buy a safe deposit box at the bank. Because not only did I have important documents but I also had academic credentials, money, jewelry, and so on. At the time, it was difficult for me to decide what would be best for me. I decided to do research to successfully pass this important stage.

And let’s look at the result.

A Secure Home Safe

1. Available at any moment, day or night.

2. Can be called fireproof.

3. Can be called flood proof.

4. Its size can be quite large.

5. Store whatever you want

6. Can live in safety fence from all sides

7. And most importantly, there are no monthly or annual charges

Safety Deposit Boxes

1. Safety deposit boxes are only available to you during banking hours.

2. Most older people are not fireproof

3. Most old people can’t even be called flood proof

4. Also limited in size

5. Follow the bank policy, the limits in which you store.

6. The bank takes security measures.

7. A monthly fee or an annual fee is charged for these security measures

Although I believe that consumer report home safe is a better choice after the above points, you should set your own mind for yourself. Before buying a home safely or renting a safety deposit box, we need to know the difference between these two safety measures and what the bank offers. First look at the Bank Safety Deposit Box, then Home Safe. And finally a comparison. Moreover, you can visit Britannia Safe Deposit in this regard.

Safety Deposit Box

Not all banks have secure deposit boxes in their wallets and this makes them easy to steal. According to a report, there were 3,033 bank crimes in 2018 with 2,978 robberies, 56 thefts and 2 robberies. “Source” A numerous insured banks in States has dropped significantly since 2002, and that there are currently about 4,909 FDIC banks. That is, there is a 61.78% chance of looting in all banks. (It’s harder than you think, like geography, a lot of other factors have gotten into it, but it gives you an idea.)

In contrast, the latest FBI figures show that there are about 127.59 million households in the states. In 2017, 1,401,801 homes were stolen here. There have been a lot of thefts now, but that’s only 1.10% of the total households! “Source” (again, it’s harder to estimate, there are a lot of other factors like geography in it, but it will give you an idea.)

A Secure Home Safe 

The big difference is your home. You can control the home safes security. Yes or no there is a lot things that is up to you. Whether it’s safe up to the floor and hidden or outdoors is now your decision. If you want to go for some of the fancy lasers you see on TV, this is your home. You can make it as safe as you want.
Are our walls safes secure or not?
The interior of the wall is easily accessible. But our walls are not too thick. This means that the safes cannot be too thick because they need to fit in the wall. They can be saved if they are well hidden, if not then they can be easily penetrated.

A safety deposit box is a great choice for you if you want to keep things out of your home.


You should always keep your belongings in your home safe rather than a safety deposit box! but why? This is a better choice. I have stated above that you can keep things away from home if you are afraid of returning. But if you think your area is safe and you live in an area where burglary is unlikely. If so, you prefer Home Safe, Stunning state-of-the-art automatic, lock numbers and codes whose codes are unknown to anyone but you.This way you can keep as much luggage as you want and it will be safe, there will be no annual or monthly charges and you can access your valuables whenever you want. Somewhere there is only a limit to your imagination where you can save something. Just take some of your time, take a walk around your house and think about where it might look best. Where you have left space that you can turn into a hidden safe.

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