5 Best Cryptocurrency exchanges and their sign-up offers


India is home to many reputed Cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and the crypto startup ecosystem is growing rapidly in the last year. Even though there are uncertainties from the government of India about proper crypto regulation, people continue to invest aggressively in different cryptocurrencies.

It is not an easy task to choose the right exchange from India due to unwelcoming support from the Indian banks towards the exchanges. So in this article, we will discuss the 5 best and reliable cryptocurrency exchanges that you can trust to start your crypto career in India. We will be covering only homegrown crypto startups in this article and not the international crypto mammoths.

1. WazirX

WazirX is the personal favorite Crypto exchange of many Indians due to its reliability, simple UI, support, and many other reasons. WazirX was acquired by Binance and it adds more trust to their operations. The process of trading, depositing, and withdrawals are very easy on the web and app user interface of WazirX and are also well known for their security. They also have their own coin called WRX which is listed on many other popular crypto exchanges as well, you also earn referral rewards in the form of WRX if you invite your friends to join from your WazirX Referral code. The current banking partner of WazirX is Mobikwik.

2. Giottus

Giottus is another new crypto startup emerging from Tamil Nadu very recently and they are well known for their security and the user experience of their mobile app. Every time you buy or sell tokens from Giottus, the animations and widgets of the mobile application are so smooth and soothing. The notable features of Giottus are the lowest Fees, highly rated app by consumers, Instant Deposit and Withdrawals, round-the-clock service, regional Customer service (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and much more), insured Cold pockets, multiple bank account enrollments, one-click Easy Buy.

I was using Giottus for the previous 2 decades. Unlike many other markets, it will not always have frequent withdrawal or residue problems. It’s quite simple and simple to use. The Program is Superb Cute and the Pictures Are Extremely Great. The features will need to improve. I’ve begun using this Program. INR withdrawal and deposit are super-efficient and smooth. Additionally, moving crypto into some other pockets works easily.

3. Zebpay

Zebpay is well-known for its easy and beginner-friendly interface to get cryptocurrency trading. The KYC method is too easy in contrast to other programs like WazirX, Coinswitch. I’ve been related to Zebpay since 2018 and I’m quite content with the service. The cost graphs are all right, UI is easy and the application form has all of the appropriate information. They create a certain if any brand new upgrade comes, it continuously arises every single time you start your program. 90 percent of the time, the program was great. The one issue is, a number of coins have been recorded (but most of the applicable ones). Zebpay enables you to save, receive or send crypto in moments. Receiving crypto from someone with Zebpay is a breeze, simply go through the coin and then click the button. In the end, you may notice a button to develop a brand new receiving speech, input a name to get this new speech. Afterward, you may scan the QR-code or copy the link and then share a messenger or email.

4. CoinDCX

CoinDCX crypto exchange does not charge any commission on withdrawals and deposits of cryptocurrencies. The total experience was good so much, yes it can need a little tweak to reach its best. On one note, I would really like to watch the Notification Feature if transactions are implemented just like on the mobile instant in the place of emails. I would really like to watch it as part of their following upgrade since it’ll allow us to maintain track as opposed to reopening and normal checking accounts. My experience was fine with all the programs, user-friendly, simple GUI, and easy transports. CoinDCX Crypto Exchange comes with an original yet exceptionally trader-friendly interface that will be mastered easily by traders. CoinDCX supplies a number of features and assorted sorts of order placements helping you get the most out of their cost moves. CoinDCX also has a referral program that rewards the users for referring their friends.

5. Unocoin

Unocoin has been serving Indian crypto investors since 2013. The newest was fighting to urge for crypto rights in India, and also its particular program which makes it simple for users to exchange a high number of currencies. They pride themselves on having fast customer service, which would have been a perfect alternative for Indian investors needing assistance in Hindi. Their program features amazing advantages that empower users to auto-buy, purchase with INR fiat, and view and ship funds readily.

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