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The best designs to make for all parties

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The best designs to make for all parties. For some years now, coloring books are no longer dedicated exclusively to children and widely seduce adults.

Just take colored pencils, markers and mandalas, to take advantage of a moment of calm and serenity in the day. Then, you can devote yourself to a manual activity with a sure Zen effect, against stress and in favor of tranquility!

And what if you create your supports for coloring, inspired by the events that periodically occur during the year? Just think: Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and birthday are just as many occasions to put your imagination and manual skills to good use. Or, to improve them!

Drawings to do for Halloween

Forget the ready-to-color drawings that you can find on the internet ready to print. And leave aside the books with the “blank” drawings too. Instead, create your own Halloween coloring pages. You can color them yourself or give them to complete for your children to occupy them during the long autumn days. It will be an opportunity to leave TV, Wii, and any other game console turned off.

For Halloween, you can choose between different symbols that represent this holiday all over the world. So, hand to sketchbook and ready to create a genuinely frightening work:

  • A pumpkin
  • A skull
  • A skeleton
  • The mask from the movie Scream
  • Witches on their brooms
  • A vampire
  • A monster
  • A clown, Stephen King or Joker’s It style
  • A zombie

Here is a short guide to learn how to draw a scary teddy bear:

  • Start by drawing the eyes of the plush teddy bear. Draw an eye on the right side, draw an oblique stroke, and continue with another stroke below, a little shorter, which forms a tip with the first one. Join the two strokes with an oval shape. The second eye will need to be smaller. In front of the vision already drawn, form a curved promo stroke for the upper part of the eye (the eyelid), then join the beginning of the stroke, starting the curve a little before the end.
  • Continue with the bear’s head. The strokes are straighter for a leader that will have an octagonal shape. Don’t forget to add some messy hair to the top of the head, tracing a few zigzags.
  • Add a scar on the muzzle at the level of the forehead. Draw an oblique stroke, then add strokes in different directions to make the scars. Add some ears. I would opt for plush round bear ears, but devil horns can also be made.
  • For the teddy bear’s body, shape an oval. Add a new scar. Its legs will be placed on each side of the body, starting from the base of the head, for the front ones. Add the rear ones in the shape of a rounded rectangle. Some additional scars, and then you have to go over the pencil lines with a black marker. Would you please wait for it to dry before erasing the pencil marks?

Which drawing for Easter?

Ok, have you digested pandoro, panettone, lunches, and dinners during the Christmas period? Now it’s time to think about Easter! What would you like to draw for this holiday, originally religious, but which quickly was loved so much by all children?

  • A bunny
  • An Easter egg
  • A hen with chicks
  • Of the bells
  • A basket full of chocolates
  • A bouquet (after all, Easter is the festival of spring!).

Here’s how to draw a chick coming out of an Easter egg:

  • Start by drawing two circles for the eyes. Add two triangles, one against the other, for the top of the beak, then an inverted triangle.
  • Zigzag to trace the bottom of the eggshell above the eyes. Do the same thing below the beak.
  • Complete the head, drawing two curves on each side of the eyes. Add two legs, which come out from the bottom on each side of the head. Finish the egg, connecting the zigzags with a broad curve that passes from the bottom of the shell and approaches the top
  • Add the decorations you like best on the egg: stars, horizontal stripes, hearts, flowers, oblique bands to give the idea of ​​a rainbow, rabbits.
  • Then move on to colors. Don’t forget to leave a small white circle to represent the pupil in the chick’s eye. Color the beak orange, the chick yellow and leave it to your imagination for the rest of the egg, according to your wishes and preferences.

A drawing as a birthday present

Birthdays are all year round—an excellent opportunity to train yourself to create original designs.

You can learn how to draw a birthday cake. It will be different every time, depending on your tastes, your desires of the moment, and the person celebrating the birthday. Do not hesitate to create personalized invitations, design them yourself, or propose this recreational activity to your children.

You could create a birthday card to give to birthdays. It will be much more original than buying the usual cards at the stationery. What if you throw yourself into the complete decoration of the house for your child’s birthday? You could make a wreath for this occasion!

  • Start by drawing the base of your cake, drawing a large rectangle, and adding circles to the bottom to make cherries or candies. In place of the last section, by closing the upper part of the rectangle, draw waves to make the cream that drips onto the base of the cake. Make a horizontal stroke, which connects the waves.
  • Move to the second floor of the dessert, drawing another row of candies, less comprehensive than the base. Draw another rectangle, less wide than the first, and finish it with a slightly curved stroke. Add semi-circles to the top of the second floor.
  • Draw small dots of cream and add candles, fireworks, or other decorations to the top of the cake.
  • Draw two closed eyes and a smile on the second floor, two big open looks on the first floor, two circles, left white, for the kawaii side.
  • You have to color as you like best!



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