Best Places in North America to Move in 2023


Last Updated on March 20, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

The past year has been one of the fastest moving housing markets on record, for many places in America and Canada. In fact, popular cities have been overwhelmed with buyers looking to move there to live and work full time. Most of these popular areas share some common denominators like strong real estate property values, great weather, enthusiastic jobs market, or great areas to retire. One thing is certain! Prices are rising quickly, and fewer houses are available for sale on the open market this year, compared with recent years.

So, what are the top places where people are looking to move in 2022?

Let’s look closer…

Winnipeg MB

One gorgeous place in Canada where people are moving to find great jobs and careers in blooming fields like tech, travel, and more, is Winnipeg MB. Affectionately known as the heart of the continent, Winnipeg provides a wonderful lifestyle for those who don’t mind a little bit of cold weather here and there.

Winters in Winnipeg get cold for sure, but the city keeps warm with the hearts of its citizens and the small-town feel once you get to know your neighbors.

The city is located at the eastern end of the Canadian prairies and is the most centralized Canadian city geographically.   Winnipeg was recently ranked the 3rd fastest growing economy amongst Canada’s major cities.

Rent costs are among the lowest in Winnipeg compared with other Canadian cities, and the bustling economy attracts many new residents each year.

Home prices hold steady in Winnipeg, for the most part, and you can bet that any property you purchase, will apricate in the coming years.

Even with its popularity, Winnipeg homes for sale are typically less money, than homes in other neighboring cities of similar size like Ottawa, or Calgary.

Nevada, USA

Whenever you think of Nevada, you probably think about casinos, nightlife, glitz, and glamour, and you would be partly correct. But there is an emerging trend of folks picking up and moving, from all over the world, just to settle in Nevada. This is due, in part, because of the warm, desert-like weather, that caters to full, outdoor lifestyles.

Plus, you can do so many fun things in Nevada, from riding dirt bikes on the sand dunes to high-end shopping, and 5-star dining Downtown.

The real estate trends are going up all over the state and prices can get a bit high if you don’t know how to find a deal. Still, there are some affordable houses that you can buy and invest in, to end up with a winner, on a budget.

For those who can afford a more lavish lifestyle, Nevada delivers in full. You can find sprawling mansions, with acres, and acres, of land. Of course, these homes are priced in the millions and go up from there depending on size, location, features, and more.

Nowadays, there are plenty of places experiencing a housing boom in 2022. Winnipeg, and Nevada, are just two of many, you might fall in love with yourself. The best way to find out for sure is to visit these places, and any others you’re interested in, to experience them firsthand. Then, you will know how the day-to-day might be and get accounted with the one you like the best.

Wrapping this up…

After that, it is always recommended that you hire a licensed Real Estate agent who can properly guide you through the ins, and outs, of today’s, rising housing market in North America, and around the world.

You still have some time where mortgage rates to buy a home are still low enough to make a positive impact on your monthly mortgage payment. If you haven’t already, check out these and other hot spots for people moving this year.

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