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best places to visit in Jaipur

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Jaipur, which is also commonly known as the pink city is the capital of India’s largest state Rajasthan. Every year a lot of tourists explore the best places in the city and enjoy the richness of culture. Jaipur also holds the distinction of, the first-ever planned city of India, by Vidhyadhar Bhattacharya. The city is famous for its vibrant culture, colorful attires, and heritage monuments. The city is also a part of the golden triangle which adjoins Agra, Delhi, and Jaipur. Many of you might be excited to explore Jaipur so here we made it easy for you, you can book Rajasthan tour packages to visit best places of the state including Jaipur.

Jaipur also has some beautiful forts such as Nahargarh Fort, Jai Garh Fort, Amber Palace, etc. One can spend their time exploring historical places. Or the ultra-modern city gets you all you want from cafes, restaurants, bars to big shopping malls. Also, if you are a fan of food, the place will offer you scrumptious Rajasthani and other cuisines. Raja Jai Singh, expanded the city in Jaipur as the population was widely growing and so was the water scarcity. So, on your next visit to Rajasthan be sure to give a visit to Jaipur city.

Best Places to Explore in Jaipur-

Although there are uncountable destinations in Jaipur you can explore and spend quality time with your partner. We have researched and found out some of the main city attractions, which you can cover within a 2 days visit to Jaipur. Also, these places will surely entertain you to the core, so make sure to pass by them while you visit Jaipur on your next Vacation.

1. Amber Palace-

The Amber Palace is a UNESCO recognized heritage and is situated 11 km from the city center. The place is the amalgamation of Mughal and Hindu styles. The fort was built with strong walls, to protect it against enemies in the year 1592, by Maharaja Jai Singh. The place is entirely built out of white marble and red sandstone, and its beauty leaves all travelers spellbound. The fort is more than 7 centuries old; however, it still astonishes the visitors with its magnificent architecture and serenity. You can also see a small Maota lake in front of the fort. Originally, it was a very small structure which was won by Rajputs, it was later made into a splendid Amber Palace.

2. Jantar Mantar-

It is one of the most loved place by kids. As the place gives an insight into the olden methods of measuring time using a sundial. Jantar Mantar is also recognized by the UNESCO world heritage. The place however is no more known for its scientific importance, but however, is seen as a monument with light and sound shows. It is also one of the largest observations in the world for celestial bodies. Thus, the place attracts a lot of astronomers, tourists, mathematicians, and geographers.

3. Nahargarh Fort-

It is a fort that is built over the Aravali hills, and it gives a great backdrop to the city. It is also known as the abode of tigers and was originally built at the top to help Jaipur defend the enemies attacking the city. One can get a beautiful view of Jaipur city, just like a birds-eye view from the top. On the top, you can visit the wax museum or can go to the Padao cafe; to have some refreshments. This fort is a must-visit as it gives you beautiful sites of Jaipur city.

4. Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh-

This popular garden was built by Maharaja Sawai Singh for his queen. The park is beautiful and well maintained for the tourists. And give the best views to the tourists during the rainy season. The park is built in Mughal style; and is painted with sculptures of Radha and Krishna. The garden has beautiful fountains and has multiple tires. Apart from being a tourist attraction, some of the major Bollywood songs and movies have been shot here. The most recent one is the title track of Dhadak which starred Jhanvi Kapoor and Ishan khattar.

5. Albert Hall-

This famous building gets its name from The Victoria museum from London; as the design is inspired by it. The museum is home to the metal sculptures, arms, weapons, stones, and clothes of the ruling times kings and queens. The architecture of the building is inspired by the Prince of Whales foundation. You can also find miniatures of art from Bundi, Udaipur, Kota, and Jaipur school of arts. The place is lighted with spectacular lights every evening post-sunset. And it gleams bright, which attracts a lot of tourists towards it every day. You can just spend your time gazing at the marvelous architecture of the building while sitting in the garden.

6. Hawa Mahal-

Hawa mahal is commonly known as the palace of winds. It was originally built for ladies to see the spectacular festive on the road through the small windows. The five-story building has a combination of Hindu and Mughal culture from inside; while the outer or the exterior of the building resembles the great crown of lord Krishna. The mahal is entirely built out of pink sandstone; is a highlight for most of the visitors coming to Jaipur. The structure surrounds the main market of Jaipur, thus allowing you to shop and witness the extravagant structure of the building. The Global identity Hawa mahal is certainly amongst the best places to visit in Jaipur.

Take Away-

Rajasthan is becoming one of the most visited and popular destinations for tourists all over the world. As the state has more than 20 cities popular for tourism. Jaipur is one of the topmost choices for visitors, however; due to the ultra-modern facilities and as it is the capital of the state. One can easily explore Jaipur within 2 days of their visit to Rajasthan.

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