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Bingo online is available 24/7 and this makes it extremely convenient for punters. Unlike land-based bingo halls, bingo players can indulge in this popular numbers game around the clock. What is even more appealing is that bingo can be played through mobile devices too, so it is available 24/7 and you don’t even have to be home to enjoy a game or two.

This is what makes bingo so popular, it also appeals to all budgets and this is another added bonus – play today at barbadosbingo. If you want to turn it into a night out, then this option is available too, as bingo is still the most social of all gambling games and the number of newly revamped bingo venues on high streets, up and down the country, are actually increasing. 

Before The Digital Revolution 

Before 1996 bingo was not as accessible as it is now and some of the choices mentioned above were non-existent. If you wanted to play bingo then your only options were to visit a land-based bingo hall. Obviously this was not to everyone’s taste and this practice was mostly reserved for the weekends.  The digital revolution brought bingo to the masses and those who shied away from visiting bingo halls could get their fix of bingo online at a time and place that they were in complete control of.  This obviously helped boost the popularity of the game but it was a slow process. The main reasons for this was that other gambling games also became available online and these took off straight away, leading to increased competition in the online gambling market. Eventually, bingo online grew in popularity and mobile bingo helped further still, in spreading the appeal of the game. 

24-Hour Bingo 

Bingo is still a 24-hour game today that is available across many gambling brands. The introduction of jackpots and other big prizes means that more people are playing bingo now than ever before. Obviously this is healthy for the bingo industry but not so good for players who do not appreciate the increase in competition for prizes.

Rush Hour Bingo To Play Bingo

With more people playing bingo now because of online bingo sites, is there a best time to play the game? Obviously peak times mean peak competition, so you would probably want to avoid these time periods if possible.  Weekends are generally one long rush hour so unfortunately weekend bingo playing may not yield many prizes. Weekday bingo may not be ideal for everyone but it does offer a window of bingo playing where winning is more likely than on a Saturday night. Peak times during the week are 7am to 9am and 5pm to 11pm, anything between these hours is best if you want to increase the odds in your favour of winning. 

Final Thoughts 

Bingo attracts the crowds and certain times are much busier than others.  This increases the competition for prizes, so if you want to win and can do, then play bingo at anti social hours.

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