5 Best ways to Learn Education Online

5 Best ways to Learn Education Online


Learning online is not something that everyone was accustomed to, however, when the pandemic hit the world with full force, online education was the only way you could learn. Since the survival of our future generation is dependent on online resources, everyone quickly adapted.

Schools, colleges, students, and parents together helped each other adapt to the new norm of online learning. Even small kids need to adopt this new pattern of learning. Parents can now take the services of online reading tutor to improve the language skills of their kids. With the acceptance of online learning, there was a rise in online courses all over the world. These online courses included classes for online Quran tajweed from female Quran teacher, graphic designing courses, accounting courses, etc

A lot of well-known corporations like Microsoft, LinkedIn, etc came up with their crash courses and online certifications that could help students and professionals earn badges or credentials that can add value to their professional careers.

In this article, we have outlined the 5 best ways to learn education online.

5 Best ways to Learn Education Online

1.  Engage with your Learners

Learning online can be a bit of an isolated experience. Imagine yourself taking your history class in front of a computer or mobile screen, you can probably survive the first 15 minutes but it can start getting a bit boring.

So if you are a teacher, you must create a strong virtual presence so it keeps the students attentive throughout the class.

Also, make sure that the timeframe is listed down clearly so students and teachers know which time they can contact each other.

2.  Enhance the Learning Environment

Creating a learning environment is not alone the responsibility of a teacher. It is supposed to be a combined effort of school management, teachers, and students.

This is a thought time for all, which is why everyone has to put in their effort to ensure a supportive learning environment. And this can only be done through improving teacher-to-student environment or student-to-student interaction etc.

Here are a few strategies you can adapt to;

  • At the start of your online course, Start with a personal introduction of the teacher and student as well. It is everyone giving a small introduction to the class so everyone knows each other.
  • Create a discussion board that can enhance 24/7 communication.
  • Further, create small groups for the classes, so it is easy for a student to stay connected and manage themselves as well.

3.  Use A Mix of Online Learning Tools

With the rise in online education, there has also been a rise in online learning tools and resources. Just like any physical class, a teacher would use a different way to teach students, the same goes for when you are learning online.

You can use social media tools, chatting forums, Virtual reality technology, Gamification, etc. All these tools can be used for various elements of your course study. A lot of teachers have also gone through the hassle of making their online classes an interactive learning session by using online 3D models etc.

The tools are many, but it all depends on your school’s management and teachers’ adaptability to tech tools. While a lot of schools are also giving training sessions to teachers to ensure ease of use of all the tech tools, but still a few teachers had to face a struggle in making their online lectures a bit adaptive to their online audience.

4.  Make Mobile-Friendly Content

Not every student or teacher has access to a laptop or computer. A lot of people are using mobile resources to learn. So when you are formulating your learning lectures, make sure that they are accessible through mobile screens as well.

A lot of tech advances have enabled schools and colleges to adopt mobile applications as well. With this mobile-based education, you can ensure bite-sized education material that is quick and easy to learn and digest.

All the education material should be accessible through mobiles, iPhones, ipads, tablets, etc.

5.  Ensure Feedback

Feedback is an important element in online education. Since this is a new method, that people are still getting used to, students and teachers must keep giving each other constructive feedback.

Every student and teacher is different. While some may be able to deliver education effectively, others might struggle. So if you are giving classes for online Quran tajweed, a female Quran teacher might face a few struggles in terms of developing online content for students. In that case, students and teachers must help each other if the content delivery is not that effective as its suppose to be.


Online learning Began in March 2020, it’s 2021 and we are still dependent on online learning tools. While we are partially still dealing with pandemics and 50 percent of the classes are being held online, one still has to figure out effective ways to ensure quality education.

Author Bio:   Hammad Awan is author of the above blog. He is doing computer science  from virtual university. He is a professional Guest Blogger at Mediahicon and loves to write blogs on valuable topics.

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