Bitcoin Slots: Pros and Cons


Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency, a digital payment device that is separate to using real money. The currency is a digital code and can be transferred and used to pay for online goods and services.

That’s right. Those online goods also include slot games like Aloha Cluster Pays. Is this a viable way to play slots and is it a good idea to dabble with bitcoin slots?

Security benefits

The top reason that players will try to use bitcoin cryptocurrency to play slot games is because of its security benefits. This is because it is extremely difficult to copy or counterfeit bitcoin. To take things further, there is also something called a blockchain attached to cryptocurrency.

A blockchain is part of the digital code that can be traced and monitored. This means that any illegal transaction that takes place can be tracked and rectified immediately. This makes fraud and stealing bitcoin extremely hard.

But how good is bitcoin specifically for playing slot games?

Crypto slot sites

Whilst bitcoin is recognised as a legitimate way to make a deposit to play slot games, it isn’t widely accepted across the board.

As of writing this article, there are currently only 27 casino sites that accept bitcoin as a deposit method. That is a tiny sample size compared to how many casino sites are out there. You might have a hard time finding a place to accept your bitcoin deposit. Why is this?

Bitcoins worth

The worth of bitcoin as a cryptocurrency is always changing. It’s actually monetary worth is based entirely on how the company of bitcoin performs on the stock market. That means if the stock is low, your bitcoin is worth less than it was yesterday. Yes, that includes any cryptocurrency that you won in the form of a jackpot.

This is why many choose to ignore the format entirely.


This is not a big concern for a lot of the people that play slots, but with bitcoin you can gamble online anonymously. This is because the casino site does not receive your bank or card details and only receives funds from your digital wallet.

This makes it much harder for you to be traced online, therefore you are much more secure when choosing to gamble and play bitcoin slots. But we have already covered security. Is that bitcoins only benefit over real money slots?


I might be a sad fact to learn but that does seem to be the case. The only real benefit you can receive from playing bitcoin slots is that it will make you more secure when playing online slot games.

Sure, you can deposit and withdraw funds immediately like with other cryptocurrencies but not always. You may even incur withdrawal charges or longer wait times.

If you are worried about internet security, do try bitcoin slots. If it sounds too confusing, you aren’t really missing out by playing real money slots.


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