Buying a House? Don’t Forget to Check These 12 Things off The List

Buying a House

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Buying is a house is one of the most important financial decisions you’ll ever make. Why? Because it’s also going to be one of the most significant purchases you’ll make in your lifetime. This is why you must not take this matter lightly. If you’re hunting for a new house, we’ve 12 things that you need to consider before getting the deal done. Let’s dig in!

The Area Around The House

The majority of people ignore the area around the house they are about to buy and then regret overlooking it. Is your house situated close to train tracks or noisy roads? Can you easily get to public transport? Are there any grocery stores close by? Get answers to these questions and reconsider. Maybe take someone else with you so that they might notice things that you’re missing.

The Attic

An attic is an important part of a house. However, if not appropriately designed, it can cause a number of problems, ice buildup, and water damage – to name a few. Therefore, ensure that the house you’re about to buy has a well-designed attic that has enough storage space and is easily accessible. Also, for times when you’ll need an extra room, perhaps you’re planning a kid, or simply you want to work from home at peace, the attic should have enough space to be converted into a room as well.

The Plumbing System

Imagine moving into a house only to spend a fortune on water damage restoration. So, seek professional help with water damage issues and get the plumbing system of the house you’re interested in checking. They will check for leaky roofs, burst or broken pipes, sewage spills, water pressure, and water seepage inside walls and foundations. If they give you the green light, great!

The Number Of Power Points

Over the years, we all have gone tech-savvy, haven’t we? But who’s working with a dead gadget, pretty sure, no one. This is why the number of power points around your house matters. However, what’s equally important to look for is the condition of the fuse boards because they reflect the state of wiring around the house. Take dodgy wires and damaged fuse boards as a red flag.

The State Of The Window Frames

External window frames can give you an insight into the state of the house. How is that possible? Because windows play an exceptionally important part in protecting the house, people who care about their house are more likely to care about the house’s windows. Check if you can make a hole in the window frame by pushing your finger inside. The double-glazed window panes are on their last legs if you find condensation in between.

If The Glitter Is Gold

A fresh lick of paints, cozy fires, delicious smells, strategic lighting, and cleverly placed mirrors should never appeal to you. These are just mere tricks sellers like to stick on to. Not only do these tricks enable them to increase the selling price of the house, but they also help them in covering up the flaws pretty conveniently. Do you never know what’s behind a mirror until you check? Maybe a seriously dented or damaged wall or a wall with an uneven surface. Make sure to check every part of the house thoroughly.

Size Of The Rooms

Checking the size of the rooms is crucial because you won’t want to refurnish your house as soon as you move in. Get the correct measurements of your current furniture and compare it with the house you’re about to buy before you agree. Also, don’t forget to check the bedroom-bathroom ratio, bathrooms are a necessity, and you may regret buying a house that doesn’t allow you to answer nature’s call timely.

Direction Of The House

Being dark at night and cloudy on days, winters make all houses facing north or south feel the same. However, the case is totally opposite in summers. While a strategically built house welcomes warmth and light, a poorly directed house stays dark during summers as well. In this regard, you can take a compass with you and check the direction of the house and ensure that your potential house faces the correction.

The Storage Space

Storage space is a key to the door of a well-organized house. This space enables you to store your possessions that aren’t required at your house, but at the same, you don’t feel like letting go of them. However, clutter and chaos are not something people are a fan of, and the only possible solution is additional storage space.

The Structure Of The House

Watch out for cracks. Not only big ones, but even hairline cracks can be a signal of an alarming situation. Be sure to look around bay windows, end-of-terrace walls, spots where extensions join. If you think you can’t manage to see the tiniest of details, don’t shy away from seeking professional help. A surveyor can help you with this and can even give you a detailed guide about the house. Throw the ball in their court and let them do their job.

Dampened Walls And Ceilings

Watermarked walls and ceilings, flaky plaster, moldy smell – all reflect damp. You can check around the skirting boards and near the ceilings. However, a freshly painted wall or ceiling might make it difficult for you to figure out any dampened wall or ceiling.

Resale Value

You might plan to move out sometime later; you should at least get the same amount you paid for, if not a little more. You must keep yourself mindful of the resale value of the house before you buy it. Look for turnoffs that negatively influence the decision of the buyers. And then, reconsider!

Finding a property that suits your needs best is no piece of cake. As difficult as it is, it can be pretty rewarding if done right. Just be a little more observant, look for flaws objectively, and when things seem just right, get the deal done!

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