3 Celebrity Workout Tips for a Great Body

3 Celebrity Workout Tips for a Great Body

JLo recently turned 52 years old—but judging by her beautifully sculpted body, you’d never know it.

The actress is dedicated to her workouts, even developing home routines throughout quarantine that kept her on track. Her favorite routine was a short and sweet one (twenty minutes!) that included no less than a quarter-mile run, 15 kettlebell swings, ten push-ups, 15 overhead shoulder presses, and 15 bent-over rows.

So, one can surmise that Jennifer Lopez’s tip for us would be to stay motivated. In fact, her words are, “. . . feel good. Lift yourself up; keep going.” 

What other celebrity workout styles can we draw inspiration from today? 

1. Keep Your Routine Fresh and Exciting

That’s a tip from another stunning fifty-something, Jennifer Aniston. 

It all started with Jennifer Aniston’s arms. Paparazzi photos showed cut biceps and defined triceps that managed to look fantastic in every sleeveless top she wore. Once the muscular arms caught our attention, we realized how in-shape Aniston really was, and was continuing to be, no matter the number of years that passed.

One thing that allows for that motivation is diversity. Aniston has a dynamic workout routine that includes strength training, cardio, boxing, resistance bands, jump rope, and much more. She specifically cites “switching things up” as a reason for staying dedicated to the practice—it challenges the body, resulting in more positive changes.

2. Don’t Skip Leg Day (Or Rest Day)

Want to look like you’ve had a Brazilian butt lift, à la Kim Kardashian? It’s time to tap into the brains of this booty-ful celebrity and see what advice she has to offer.

It comes as no surprise to hear that her routine is well-rounded and demanding (you don’t get a gorgeous tuchus like that without putting in the work). It’s comprised of seven different exercises, done over the course of 1-2 hours. The routine includes kickbacks, deadlifts, squats, hip thrusts, leg presses, calf raises, and using the hip abduction machine. 

Kardashian insists you have to “stick with something” and stay consistent if you want to see results. 

Still, it’s important to prioritize rest days, too. The legs and glutes need time to take shape and show results. Kardashian insists you let them recover fully after a workout. 

3. Leave It All in the Gym

At least, that’s what Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says!

Have you ever ended a workout feeling lackluster? Have you ever went in for a quick, thirty-minute session—only to come out feeling fatigued and unmotivated? Do you struggle to notice progress? 

Then it might be time to “go hardcore.” The Rock has a passion for making every workout count because that’s the only way you’ll see results. If you’re finding it hard to go “balls to the walls every time you work out,” you might be missing a routine to guide you.

So, write down your goals and let them direct you to your next epic sweat sesh.

Ready to Put the “Work” in Celebrity Workout?

If so, heed the advice from fit stars like JLo, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, and the Rock. They’re revealing their secrets—now it’s up to us to put them to good use.

After your celebrity workout, make use of the recovery time by flexing those mental muscles.

Keep scrolling our page to learn more. 

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