Changing Trends in Indian Cosmetic Industry

Indian Cosmetic

Changing Demand in Cosmetic Industry and increasing preferences for natural and herb based products is being witnessed in India particularly from last few years.

 Owing to the evolution and diverse researches, now folks are more conscious than ever, consumer will read the ingredient list and then decide on target-specific products. Therefore because of this awareness many Indian companies have launched Natural and Chemical free range of Beauty Cosmetic Products in India. This article will introduce you to some best Indian Cosmetic companies who have come up with phenomenal range of Herbal Beauty Products.

Why Chemical Free Cosmetic Products?

Mother India and ayurvedic science is a storehouse of natural herbs for Medicinal Healing. In Fact lots of the big commercial brands also sell their products in the name of Indian herbs. It is said that there is not any single skincare concern that  can’t be treated herbal ingredients. Herbs like turmeric, saffron, tulsi , neem and the list is endless.

The best part about being 100% Natural is that you will find no side effects.

To locate your  best picks on Indian  companies, you  have to do a  bit of  research and  discover  brands  on the internet   that are  reliable.  Always remember in mind , what worked for  one may  not work for another.  Hence, your best  picks should  always be based according to  your concerns and your own objectives .

 There is also a belief that  Natural products are  more expensive . Well,  when you are getting  the rarest of the rare herbs infused  into  the purest oils, does price matter to you ?  

Best Indian Beauty Cosmetic Companies


A  name that everyone is familiar with! Every woman, somewhere in her adolescent years is introduced to this brand. The brand has a  complete range of skincare, haircare, and body care products. The products are made in India.


Hanoor,a newbie in the skincare realm of Indian Herbal businesses, but an expert professional for certain!  Coming from the roots of the Himalayas, the brand is dedicated to taking skincare to a different level.  No artificial & synthetic chemicals,  zero silicons, and absolutely nothing that your skin wouldn’t love.  Try their Indian skincare products now and your skin will thank you for it. What’s going to impress you more is their imaginative product range and eco-friendly packaging. Made naturally and being herbally formulated, the promise of purity is always kept. They help maintain the youth and glow of your skin with by means of pure essential oils & herbal extracts which they extract in-house.

 Just Herbs

A  perfect amalgamation of  organic  ingredients to  satisfy  contemporary  skincare expectations. Just  herbs is a  cosmetic brand that has clear  vision of creating transparency. You will  see  the  full  ingredient  list with no  disclaimers saying  usage  at your own risk! The  company also  permits  people to craft their own  skin care  products together  in collaboration!

Forest  Essentials

This Indian Ayurvedic  company is  another brand name in this  skincare world! They help  maintain  the  youth and  glow  of your skin  with the by means  of pure essential oils and herbal extracts. Every  product has spring water & forest herbs in the  most natural  form. If  you are looking forward to using herbal Indian  products,  consider about  checking  this brand aloud.

Khadi Naturals

If any  brand speaks Indianness loudly , it  has to be Khadi!  Incredibly  basic  when it comes to composition and profoundly high-end  when we  discuss  the  quality standard  and  potency  of the  product. The  abundance  of  alternatives  available, Khadi  range  will make you spoilt for choice.  They are one of the  leading  ayurvedic  brand in India

Ayur Herbals

The brand  has been around since forever! The  fact   that  it is still  loved alike , speaks a  good deal  about its  efficacy .   Authentic to its tagline,”close to nature,  close to you”, it  offers a  huge   array  of  natural and cosmetic products.  Each  ayur product is  a result of to  intensive study  and provides  authenticity  into  the  core.

To Conclude

The  list of the  greatest  Indian Ayurvedic  companies and  best Indian  beauty cosmetics  is  endless .  Thanks to the  men and women  who  are standing for made in India and  placing  every  attempt  to introduce masses  to what our  very own Mother Chest can  offer. With  appropriate   advice  and ideal   type  of ingredients, our  very own Indian  ingredients may   conquer  any Korean  skin care  regimen.  

Don’t   fall duped by  the false promises ! Chemical-free  doesn’t mean  it’s natural & organic ! You  need to be a  wise buyer and inspect  the description carefully.  As soon as  you find  that what Indian Products suits your skin the best ,  there will  be no looking back. So wait no  longer  and  get started  researching for your type  of  pure  skincare brand.  


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