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Last Updated on July 5, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

You’ve probably heard about ice baths and cold exposure. There’s still a lot of buzz online – and a lot of confusion. When it comes to potentially dangerous practices, it’s always best to consult your doctor, licensed expert, or other medical professional. If you’ve been cleared to do it and you’re now wondering what you need to start, we’re here for you. Full disclosure – you don’t need that much. It all depends on where you live. Also, it’s important to understand that we should focus on our own health and safety more than flashy equipment. Our attention often goes straight to fancy accessories, and we lose sight of why we even want to start doing it in the first place. 

Why Put Yourself Through It? 

That’s a fair question. Whether you like winter or not – it’s not pleasant. In fact, it’s very uncomfortable or almost unbearable. That’s the point. It can also be dangerous. Yes, hypothermia is very real. So, prepare your body first and make sure you listen to it very carefully. So, why? When done right, it’s shown to have multiple health benefits, including improved circulation, increased energy, and even enhanced mood. Regular cold exposure may also make your immune system stronger. 

The Vessel 

Once again, focus on the right preparation rather than the flashy gear. But first things first. You need a place to take the ice bath. Your bathroom bathtub may not be the best idea, because that would most likely mean you have to fill it up every day. Not very cost-efficient. 


A nearby pond or a lake is a great option, but it does come with certain challenges. First, it’s more dangerous even if you know how deep it is. Second, you don’t really control the temperature, which means in the winter it can be unbearable, and while it may look cool on Instagram reels, your body may not be ready for stress that big. In the summer, it may be too warm to get the benefits, so this option is recommended for more experienced practitioners. 

Dedicated Ice Tub 

Now this is much more convenient. There are plenty of products out there, most of them resemble a barrel. They’re compact and portable, often feature a lid to keep any bugs and flies away from your water, and you can easily control the temperature. Good value and convenience, but oftentimes they’re not that affordable – especially the high-end models. For some people, simply not worth the price. If you value comfort, then it’s still an option worth considering. 


Wouldn’t that be an investment? But fear not, we don’t mean the fancy type, which makes this option the most affordable one. Just get a regular inflatable model for children – it should do an adequate job. A free-standing washtub (provided it’s big enough) is also a good option, more durable, but typically a bit more expensive. 


That’s about it. This list could end right here. But if you want to be a bit more comfortable, here are some useful accessories: 


A simple timer to track your cold shower/bath duration. Helps you gradually increase your exposure time, ensuring you don’t overdo it. You can use your phone, get a nice digital watch with a stopwatch complication or use your instincts. Your body knows when it’s time to get out. 

Bath Thermometer 

A thermometer to measure water temperature. Ensures your ice bath is at the optimal temperature (10-15°C or 50-59°F) for maximum benefits. 

Towels and Mats 

Whether you’re doing your ice baths in your bathroom or out on the balcony, you could use a god mat that will absorb all the water and keep your surfaces safe and clean. A stone bath mat is a perfect choice, thanks to its unique properties. You also need to keep your body warm and dry yourself off, so a quality set of bamboo towels is definitely a good idea since they’re great for your skin and very absorbent. 

Thrill of the Chill 

Cold exposure can be a refreshing and rewarding addition to your wellness routine. With just a few essential pieces of gear, you’ll be perfectly ready to start your icy adventure. Remember, it’s all about progress, not perfection. So, take a deep breath, jump in and enjoy the thrill! 

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