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The chimney and fireplace in your house need proper looking after and maintenance. Not only does this keep the strength and functionality of the chimney intact, but it also improves the overall appearance of your living space. This article is dedicated to enlightening you on why professional chimney cleaning is advisable and what you will obtain. 

Why is regular chimney cleaning advisable? 

  • Since the instalment of a chimney includes the interior and the exterior of the house, chimney damage can lead to potential damage to internal wires and pipelines. If there is spacing over time, water can seep through and cause moulding and fungal growth in the house.
  • When the chimney has been in use for years, it can lead to creosote accumulation in the duct’s interior lining. It is potentially dangerous, sticky and highly flammable. It can cause a fire that can soon spread throughout your residence. It is a toxic by-product of flames and can get excited in heated conditions.
  • The chimney releases smoke to the exterior. It is vital to clean the vents through which the smoke proceeds out. Professional chimney cleaning services remove debris, dead leaves and other objects that can obstruct the smoke.
  • Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas. When there is a lot of debris accumulation in your chimney, it hinders your apartment’s oxygen levels. Carbon monoxide gas starts producing due to the burning of carbon and its combination with oxygen; over time, the concentration of carbon monoxide increases, which can strictly interfere with your respiration system and eventually cause death. To prevent the same and safeguard you and your family, regular chimney cleaning is imperative.
  • An unclean chimney may cause smoke damage. Dry smoke and wet smoke can linger in your house, drive a foul smell and decolourize walls. The treatment of smoke damage may be costly if it is long overdue. Protect yourself from the high costs and assess and resolve the problem right in the beginning. Schedule regular chimney clean-ups and keep the situation in control.

Why professional chimney cleaning service?

  • Practical and cost-effective: You may go ahead with a DIY project and try cleaning the chimney yourself. However, a professional cleaning service would better take care of the cleaning, eradicate smoke and obstruction in the vents, and check for any external damage. You can choose to plan a visit once every six months or once a year and be sure to get your chimney serviced at affordable prices.
  • Upgraded equipment: Professional workers are well equipped with proper clothes covering their bodies and masks that protect them against any harmful gases or allergens. Additionally, they have upgraded equipment, brushes, hard cleaning soap and toxins that promote a smoother cleaning of the chimney surface and interior up to the top.
  • Keep the chimney running: If your chimney is not regularly exposed to proper maintenance and thorough cleaning, it may soon be its functionality. This could include extra smoke, more time for heating, and an unattractive fireplace. To avoid this and keep your beautiful chimney place intact, hire a professional chimney cleaning service.

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