Top 6 communication skills to land your dream career

Top 6 communication skills to land your dream career

Last Updated on February 15, 2024 by Saira Farman

Before dwelling on the top 6 communication skills, let’s understand communication.

Communication is using skills and abilities to get a piece of information conveyed to another person/s. It includes sharing your ideas, feelings, emotions, plans, etc.

Communicating effectively has its benefits. But, the reason why communication is so important is that it is the only way through which you put your point across to anyone.

For instance, if you want to ask for a promotion, you will have to communicate your case effectively to your manager so that they know why should you get that hike/promotion.

The same goes if you want to land a new job for yourself. Written communication is one way by which you can display your resume, but if you want to tell the interviewer why you’re worth hiring, effective communication is what you need.

6 Key communication skills to land your dream career

Respect what the other person says:

Everyone loves to be listened to. Hearing the other person is one thing; listening to what they have to say is another.

They feel respected and valued when you listen to them, so the respect might very well be reciprocated. For instance, when the interviewer asks you a question, let them complete what they have to ask. Only when they finish should you say what you have to.

Use your body language effectively:

Having excellent speaking skills is one thing. Supporting your thoughts with your body language is another.

When you use your body language, you support your thoughts for better understanding. It helps in the message being perceived in a better way by the listener.

Soft & Domain Skills:

Having the right soft skills will help you convey your points better and, more importantly, professionally.

Soft skills help showcase your domain skills efficiently, which ultimately impresses the interviewer.

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Presentation skills:

When discussing presentation skills, one often thinks that presenting PPTs is being discussed.

But, presentation skills are much more comprehensive than that.

Presentation skills also mean presenting your ideas and putting your thoughts across in a manner that’s well perceived by the target audience.

These skills are considered the most important to attain a higher position in a company.

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Confidence & Clarity:

Confidence is another significant characteristic if you want to excel in a professional environment or any other setting.

It’s okay if you’re not a confident person naturally, just being prepared enough can help you gain much confidence.

There are a few other tricks which you can incorporate within yourself if you want to gain confidence. These are:

  • Maintaining a straight body posture but ensuring it doesn’t look robotic.
  • Maintaining eye contact with the interviewer and not looking here and there.
  • Make sure you’re well prepared, so there’s only little room for you to fumble.
  • Talking comfortably to the interviewer but not being too friendly. You must find the sweet spot between being too close and too formal.

Honesty in giving and taking feedback:

Being honest and not lying about your experience and roles of responsibility is essential.

It’s okay if you don’t know how to perform a sure thing, but lying about it when questioned only makes it worse.

The aftermath of not knowing something is feedback, and taking constructive feedback is essential for your growth.

Giving feedback is completely alright when you find something wrong in an interview or while working in a company.

In fact, it’s perceived positively by the interviewer because the other person is being honest about their thoughts and opinion.

These are just a few of the best, most effective and most importantly, proven communication skills you can use to impress the interviewer and land your dream career.

Use these and set your career path in the right direction.

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