A complete guide on buying the industrial ladders

Industrial ladder

When it comes to the various types of material handling equipment you need to check out the various factors for buying them. It may look like one of the most primitive types of Material handling equipment but it is still used extensively in almost all types of industries and even in homes.

The use of a ladder cannot be negated at all. You need industrial ladders for completing your everyday job in various industries. There are also various types of features within these industrial ladders. Each type of industry may require a special feature to be installed in them for the various specific end uses.

Here we will give you an idea on what are the things that you need to consider for buying ladders as Material handling equipment in your industry.

You can take it as a complete buying guide.

Features of ladders that one should look for-

When it comes to buying ladders for a specific industry you need to check out various things. Here is a list of the commonly included features in the ladders. Some of the ladders are specifically made to have these features.

Extendibility feature of an industrial ladder

In various warehouse and logistical industries, you need to have extendable ladders. Such a feature helps the industries to extend the ladders to even further heights.

Extendable ladders don’t have two legs. Instead on one end, they will require some sort of support on the upper end.

Foldable ladders

Buying foldable ladders as Material handling equipment by Reflex equipment is common in various industries where there is less storage space. If you don’t have any specific storage section for the tools and devices being used you can go ahead and buy the foldable ladders as they can be folded when not in use.

The foldable option is not common to all industrial ladders. If you need a foldable option you need to buy the foldable ladders only.

Double-sided ladders

These ladders have yet another unique feature about them. And that is the availability of stairs on both sides of the ladders. It has two legs and each leg has stairs leading right up to the top of the ladder. Thus instead of one person, two persons can continue the work from two opposite ends of the ladder.

Platform ladders

The platform ladders have a larger platform at the top for ensuring Material handling equipment especially for heavy goods that have to be brought down from time to time. Platform ladders have a large workable platform right at the top to ensure that the person can work easily on the top.

Work platforms and work cage ladders

These are among the tallest ladders that you can see in the commercial uses. At maximum height, they can reach several tens of feet in the air. There is also a large workable platform at the top that is spacious enough to accommodate up to 2 or even more people. Being so tall the ladder is completed caged and has side railings and guards to add to the person’s safety.

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The construction material of the ladder

When it comes to the construction material of Material handling equipment there are two types of substances using which the external body of the ladder is manufactured. These are-


Aluminum ladders are lightweight and can be carried anywhere manually as well. But they are not exactly fit for use where there is a chance of electrical shocks or even fire hazards.

Aluminum ladders are best for working in external conditions as galvanized aluminum can easily sustain extreme weather conditions.

Fiberglass ladders

The fiberglass ladders are yet another type of ladder. Being made from fiberglass they don’t have the risk of shock or even in case of a fire hazard fiberglass material will not melt out easily as fiberglass is highly heat resistant. Fiberglass ladders can be a bit bulky and high in weight compared to aluminum ladders.

What you need to check out before buying  a ladder for commercial purposes

Apart from the cost of the ladder as Material handling equipment for commercial purposes, there are some other things that you have to check out. These include-

Industrial certifications and standards

The ladder for your industry has to meet certain certifications and standards. Yes, this is required for ensuring safety as well as the specific demands of any industry. Check out what are the certain specifications and standards for industrial ladders in your specific industry and do check them before buying.

The load-bearing capacity of the ladder

Different industrial ladders have the different load-bearing capacity. Thus you need to ensure that the load-bearing capacity of the ladder can easily support the weight of the person and the loads being carried up or brought down along the stairs.


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