Concrete Repairs: What Is It All About?

Concrete Repairs: What Is It All About?
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Concrete is a durable building material used for the construction of houses. The repairing process involves fixing the hardened surface, which has failed its holding power due to wear and tear over many years. Adelaide concrete repairs help in the repairing process, which heals the cracks and other physical impacts. 

The concrete which needs to be repaired may need bonding agents if the new layer of concrete is not so dry. The repair process is best when the new concrete is similar in quality to the old concrete on which the repairing is done.

What causes the cracks in the concrete? 

The cracks in the concrete can be visible due to many reasons. Insufficient joint designs, improper replacement of steel, mix design, existing site designs can be some of the causes of the cracks in the concrete.

Different types of repair: 

The concrete repairs can be of different types like 

  • Structural check 
  • Check crack
  • Off-set structural check 

Methods of Repairing Concrete: There are various methods of concrete repair

Structure Strengthening : 

  • Crack Treatment: Due to various reasons, cracks can often occur in the concrete. The repair can be done by injecting the epoxy compound just as the cement milk is injected. The modified polymer cement milk can also be applied. For dormant cracks, special epoxy polyurethane can be used.
  • Steel Plate Bonding: The steel plates can be bonded externally with the help of carbon fiber sheets and chemicals.

Repair With Epoxy: 

  • Epoxy Mortar: The cracks can be healed with the epoxy method. The mortars are used for strengthening the concrete. It creates a bond between the old and the new concrete.
  • Resin Mortar: The concrete hardener can be mixed with the resin and the combination can be applied to strengthen the concrete. The Adelaide concrete repairs can guide you with the right method for concrete repairs.

Repair of Floors:

  • A cracked and damaged floor can be repaired with the help of 2 layers of epoxy, then mortar epoxy, and with a final coat of epoxy.

Column Repair:

  • The columns can be repaired to the affected height. At first, all the loose particles are to be removed and the epoxy treatment needs to be provided to the depth of 25 mm. If the cracks are extended more than that, you can inject the epoxy for grouting the cracks.
  • Corroded RCC Slab repair: With the help of the epoxy compound, the corroded RCC slab can easily be repaired.

Concrete repair can be done by different methods. The protective coating of epoxy mortar and the combination of the epoxy with the resin can provide strength to the concrete. The loose particles from the old concrete can be removed by dusting them off. The new concrete can be reinforced through different methods. For preventing further corrosion of the concrete, pure coating of the epoxy can be applied or the epoxy coal tar can be used. 

Now You Know!

Experienced concrete repair specialists like Patch and caulk can guide you with the right method of concrete repair according to your customized needs. Whether it is a high-rise building or a two-storeyed house, a concrete repair can be required anywhere. So by your customized requirements, the concrete repair methods can be selected and applied.

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