The 3 keys to achieving a successful corporate Animation Makerwith Free Animation Maker

The 3 keys to achieving a successful corporate branding with Free Animation Maker

As you know what corporate branding is and the importance it has in any business, it’s time to get to work.That is why we are going to something more practical, and now we explain 3 issues that you must take into account to createa successful corporate branding plan with a Free Animation Maker. The Mango Animate Animation Maker have been helping the corporates or businesses to create a compelling video. You can do it for free, without losing your much time, that is fast and with lots of ease and fun.  There are certain points that you must think about in detail, let us share one by one.


The first thing you should be clear about is who you want to sell your product to. And for this, you must define your ideal buyer person or client.

When you know your client perfectly, you know what they need and what they care about. In short, it is easier for you to empathize with him.When we define the branding of our brand, we do not want it to be spectacular or impressive; our # 1 goal is to connect more with our client. And this is what makes us increase sales.


When it comes to corporate branding, we usually think of colours, a typeface or music. But before all that (and in line with our buyer persona), we have to choose what are the values ​​that we want to transmit with our brand.

We give you another example so that it is better understood.

  • Animated character video: it is more fun, fresh and cheerful than one with real actors.
  • General aesthetics:  our interest is to reinforce values ​​such as ecology or the importance of healthy food, that is why the video shows landscapes or is based on very bright colours.
  • The value proposition: this customer differs from the competition by offering ecological, responsible and healthy products. That is why at the beginning we give more force to the appearance of food with the benefits of the proposal.

In order to connect with your customer, the first thing you must achieve is that your brand transmits the values ​​that concern your target audience.


When we talk about identity we mean that you are able to create a unique brand. To endow it with a “soul or personality” that transmits those values ​​of which we spoke before.

And in that visual identity, you must ensure that all the elements that make up your business are coherent and transmit the same.We mean the …

  • Logo.
  • Web design.
  • Packaging if it exists.
  • Advertising.
  • Content strategy.
  • Etc.

How can a video help your corporate branding?

Well, in multiple ways. For example:

  1. Give a more professional image of your company.
  2. Better convey emotions so it is easier for you to connect with your audience.
  3. They generate more engagement (interaction with your brand).
  4. It’s easier to explain your value proposition.
  5. You differentiate yourself from the competition.

Stand out from your competition with corporate branding

At the beginning of the article, we asked you if you thought that corporate branding was only for large companies. But promoting the brand is a strategy that any business can apply regardless of its size.

From Visual Service we encourage you to take advantage of the advantages of corporate and animation video so that you can give a coup of authority in your sector and take a step or two ahead of the competition.


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