How the coupon can help to save in your flooring

How the coupon can help to save in your flooring

Are you going to do a comprehensive reform in your house? It is the right decision: the reforms revalue the house and make it more comfortable, with all luxury and efficiency. But the investment is essential, and it is worth seeing how to save money in the reform of flooring with solutions that are as simple as they are useful. With these ideas, you can save up to a good part of your initial budget; and if you bet on efficient solutions, you will also reduce your consumption. You will be surprised to find out how much you can save per year if you do your homework well. Sign up for these “top” tips for reform with all the guarantees!

Flooring: go for affordable and durable options

A comprehensive reform usually involves a change of floors. Laminates mimic wood very well and have many advantages: they are insulating, easy to install, last for many years, and are cleaned with soap and water. Although some are even more expensive than parquet, as they do not have to be varnished and their installation is more straightforward, they are cheaper. It is recommended to install laminate floors in homes with many traffic, children, or pets to obtain a warm wood finish, without its disadvantages. Laminate floors of class AC4 onwards are suitable for wet areas (kitchens and bathrooms), which allows for maintaining an aesthetic continuity throughout the house. Comparing the price of installing laminate flooring with that of installing parquet, we can save more than 100 dollars in a room between 20 and 30 m2.

Another exciting alternative is flexible floors. There are different types, all of them easy to install and with an excellent value for money. If the original foundation is resistant and in good condition, you will not have to remove it to place them. You can choose between plastic, carpeted, rubber, and cork floors, although the most resistant, current, and easy to install are undoubtedly vinyl. The average price of installing a floor of this type in a 20 m2 space is around $ 125.

Save money on your flooring using the coupon

To save money on comprehensive reform of flooring, it is essential to do things wisely. Although it is very exciting to imagine our new house, more elegant and comfortable, the rush is not good. It is important to plan everything well so that the reform does not turn into chaos and, even worse, into a disaster.

Ask for several quotes.

When you have the comprehensive reform plan, start asking for budgets. Ask acquaintances, search the internet, locate references … This way, it will be simple for you to find the best professionals. Ask for at least three estimates and check that they include taxes, licenses, the different items (materials, labor …), and a penalty if the reform is not completed within the stipulated period.

Take care of the materials

Renovation companies usually supply the materials: floors, tiles, taps … an exceptional method to save cash on a renovation of a floor is to get them yourself. Go to warehouses and stores to compare prices: they often have remnants of stock and discontinued materials, very affordable. Above all, look for coverings, floors, ceramic tiles, and faucets … When the new collections come out, those from previous years (which are still a trend) drop a lot in price. Make sure that you will have to spend time searching and inform yourself well. It is not a question of buying the cheapest, but the best quality/price ratio: you can save up to 30% of the initial budget. You can also get the best quote at

With these tips, you are indeed clear about saving money on the reform of flooring without compromising the final result. With a tight budget and quality finishes, your home will be more efficient and much more attractive.

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