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Curd Is the Word: Why Everyone Loves Cheese Curds

Curd Is the Word: Why Everyone Loves Cheese Curds

Cheese curds are the dearest of the cheese world. These little squeaky and cheesy bites are a perfect snack; both adults and kids love them. Cheese curds are the comfort food for many people – it is delicious, super healthy and versatile. It can be eaten raw, fried or can be part of other recipes.

You can find the most delicious and fresh cheese curds in Wisconsin, United States.Cheese curds have become quite popular around the world. But what in the world are they?

Cheese curds are basically the baby cheddar, and it is the pieces of coagulated milk before being processed into blocks and aged. Cheese curds have a mild taste and rubbery texture, and it squeaks when you bite them. However, the freshness and squeak of cheese curds may be lost after 24 hours of opening package.

Here’s Why Everyone Loves Cheese Curds:

The first reason is it is delicious, which is obvious because no one like to have something that does not please their taste buds. The mild taste of cheese curds is so addictive that you cannot stop having it.

Also, when we eat salty foods like cheese curds, our brain’s ‘reward centre’ releases dopamine which encourages us to eat more of it.

Apart from being tasty, cheese curds are very healthy. No matter if you want to lose or gain weight, cheese curds are one of the superfoods that you have to include in your diet. It is rich in protein and calcium and is also very low in sugar. Most people have realized that cheese curds are quite the nutrition powerhouse, so they are trying to include it in their diet.

Have you heard about the versatility of cheese curds? Most probably you have. You can eat them for breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner – any time of the day. You can eat them raw, or bake them, fry them – any way you like.

It compliments all the vegetables and fruits so beautifully. It makes broccoli taste good – what else do you need. Cheese curds became popular from the Canadian dish poutine – a dish of French fries and cheese curds topped with brown gravy. But now we love including cheese curds in anything like salads, lasagne, dumplings, cookies, or toast.

Where Can You Get Fresh Cheese Curds In Australia?

Purchasing cheese curds in Australia is not a tough task, visit your nearest supermarket and grab a bag of cheese curds in a few dollars. The real challenge is you don’t get fresh cheese curds at the store, which means no squeak.

So, where to buy fresh cheese curds? Answer to your question is Pure Dairy. They sell fresh cheese curds in Australia through their distributors who are all around Australia. The highlight is Pure Dairy source cheese curds from Wisconsin, which means you have the best cheese curds in the world.

To retain the freshness and squeak of the cheese curds, they use IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) technique for packaging of cheese curds which the squeak, taste, texture and nutritional value to be preserved for a longer time.

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