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Delay spray for men: All you need to know

Delay spray for men: All you need to know
Delay spray for men

Spending a long duration of pleasure and passion with a lady love is every man’s desire, isn’t it? Do you not desire to deliver an impressive and loving performance in bed? Well, most men do! But it may not always come naturally. Although most women shy away from admitting the need to have a couple of minutes more, it is a prevailing thought. So, if you feel it would have been better if you could hold your erection a little longer, Extend Delay Spray for men is for you! There is a lot to know about this sexual wellness product offered by Bold Care.

Extend Delay Spray: Last A Little Longer

Delay Spray for men is one of the many sexual wellness products marketed by Bold Care. The brand has made a significant stance in the market with its efficient product line-up. Extend Delay Spray for men is an apply-on mist that you can use on that area just before having sex to get some additional minutes of pleasure! It is a clever and secure solution to delay ejaculation to help your partner embrace the passion. If you have heard of it, you must know about its usage and benefits to your love life and sexual experiences.

Extend Delay Spray for men is a topical spritz of Lidocaine that is effective and gentle.

Why Do You Need To Use Delay Spray For Men?

Have you ever felt all the time you spent in foreplay would have been worth more if you could delay the climax? If yes, you need the Extend Delay Spray for men. You can also be vocal with your partner about it. Many relationships crumble from within if one partner is not happy either emotionally or physically. If engaging in some additional moments of pleasure can make your partner happy, you must give it a go!

Here Are The Benefits of Using Extend Delay Spray

Extend Delay Spray for men has multiple benefits if you use it wisely as per the instructions mentioned on the Bold Care website. The affordable pricing of the product is also an advantage if you count!

Uplifts The Climax!

After passionate foreplay, if the climax ends in a minute or two, is it a satisfying experience? Well, if you have even been at the delivery end of this problem, you can try this spray on! Give your partner the time and pleasure she deserves and feel complete about your performance too.

Easy Application

This apply-on product comes in a spray bottle, just like any other deodorant. All you have to do is put on a couple of sprays on that area to desensitise it. One application is enough for the best results.

Gives Quick Results

It just takes 15 minutes to start showing its effects. Extend Delay Spray for men contain Lidocaine 10%, which has a fast-action formula. It is a tested ingredient with no harmful effects on the skin.

Boosts Confidence and Mood

Once you know what to expect from your sexual activities, it makes you feel confident. It will enhance your mood and enthusiasm to spend a long and satisfying time in bed.

Lab-tested Product

This delay spray is tested in a NABL-accredited lab authorised by the Indian government. You can rely upon the credibility of the product. However, make sure you are not allergic to anything.

Zero Risk of Side Effects

Extend Delay Spray for men contains Lidocaine. It is a lab-tested ingredient, so you do not need to worry about the side effects.

Learn How To Use The Product For Best Results

Extend Delay Spray for men is convenient to use and secure unless you have extremely sensitive skin or you are allergic to anything. Just follow these guidelines to reap the maximum benefits of the product!

  • Shake the bottle well and spray on the tip and shaft of your penis.
  • Always use the product at least 15 minutes before having sex.
  • Once done, wipe the area with a clean damp cloth.
  • Wash thoroughly with clean water after sex.
  • Do not overspray it with the hopes of seeing faster or better results. A few puffs to cover the area are enough.

Know The Right Stop To Shop

If you want to shop for this spray, all you need to do is visit the Bold Care website, add it to your e-cart, enter your shipping address and place the order. As a new customer, you can also get 100% cashback on your first order. Bold Care also has a range of other sexual wellness products that you can try as per your need.

Extend Delay Spray for men is one of the best goods produced by Bold Care in its commercial venture. You can benefit a great deal from its usage and build a stronger intimate relationship with your partner. After all, taking care of each other’s sexual desires is also an expression of love! Help your partner relish every second of the climax with heightened pleasure!

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