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Dementia Patient Service

Dementia Patient Service

Since the inception of this disease, the treatment of Dementia or Alzheimer’s has been becoming more and more difficult all over the world. Only those who are suffering from this disease know how difficult it can be to treat or take care of them. Physicians in our country generally know and understand capability a lot about safety, health, or mobility which is related to a change in perception of general memory. Through compassion and understanding, here the skilled physicians help and teach your family and you to improve mobility, quality, and safety of life.

Dementia Patient Service in Home Care

Our trained caregiver team knows exactly how to deal with this dementia and provide them with services. Our support team will be there if you want and always take care of the patient. In providing services to dementia patients, our colleagues assist in managing the difficult symptoms of executive function very efficiently and in a friendly manner. As challenging as it to take care of a patient suffering from many serious diseases including COPD, heart failure, and diabetics, it is even more challenging to treat a patient with memory change disease. Dementia patients need to follow proper diet and medicine with effective protection which plays a big role in managing a patient’s normal life. Professional dementia services are provided through many skilled clinicians. Below are some of the services:

·    Provides services in a way that helps a patient to communicate well.

·    Evaluate home safety by considering the safety and mobility of the dementia patient in your home and provide timely medicine.

·    Our clinicians grow up awareness between the patient and his family and help them to adapt to this change.

Cognitive dementia and memory service (CDAMS)

CDAMS is a state of the art service that helps people with dementia change their thinking and support a friendly caring partner. Various detrimental effects on agnosia, apraxia, and aphasia can be observed with changes in the symptoms of dementia as well as its effect on the entire cortical function. A patient can get the following services from CDAMS:

·    Clinical expert diagnosis

·    All appropriate treatment information.

·    Provide information, support, and education.

·    The direction of future planning.

·    Dealing with daily issues information.

·    The community support and service to their careers and links with dementia people.

If you ever feel like you can’t remember some of your memories, this service just for you. The main cause of progressive dementia is a severe cranial brain injury which can lead to chronic suffering. Besides, a patient has the opportunity to speak directly to us through any referral under the service.

Family Support and Education

When someone in your family has dementia, It is easy to assume that it’s your own. So we have designed information to help these patients. They can also be matched with sensitivity and care. We can use the following resources to find services:

·    Talk to the doctor: patient with dementia almost always use this service to consult a doctor. Besides, the names of those who are experienced in seeing this patient are mentioned at the beginning of the conversation.

·    Use service online: One can take our service online. Our team members are always active to provide information about those patients who are suffering from memory loss disease.

·    Use community finder resource: A patient can get support from us by our expert resources.

Dementia care Service

Due to dementia, the patient’s mind and mood naturally become irritable. Our expert knows how to talk to these patients or calm them down and change their behavior. The behavior of a dementia patient who is always at home is not always the same. The biggest hurdle in the clinical condition of dementia patients is the loss of intelligence and personality due to the loss of affection and also the gradual loss of judgmental skills. Caregivers have to plan something to keep their client’s stress levels low with their likes, skills, interests, dislikes, and activities. The disease is treated through programs with safe strides. Through this safe stride, a well-trained therapist works to improve patients’ balance and safety. If left untreated, serious illnesses such as skin changes and urinary tract infections can occur.

Dementia Behavior Management Advisory Service (DBMAS)

DBMAS usually affects a person’s behavior, which helps the affected person to do something in a calm and slow steady manner. DBMAS does usually the following steps:

·    A person with dementia needs to be evaluated.

·    Any advice, information or clinical assistance, or short term case management assistance can be provided via email.

·    Mental and behavioral disorders or dementia patients can be referred to as past symptoms and other refinements.

Memory Care Program on Dementia Services

Our therapists and nurses are usually specially trained for Alzheimer’s and dementia. We can deal with other challenges from patients and take action according to how they review the symptoms of dementia. A patient can recover from this very quickly through AtHome Care Service. Our knowledge of communication and national position helps to build a deeper relationship with the patient as well as his entire family. Taking care of a person with dementia can increase mental and physical needs or mobility. Since you are caring for an infected person; you need to take good care of yourself. It will be easier for you to provide service once you get rid of your fatigue again.

One Can Trust Our Expert Care Services

Being one of the few major health service providers in the country, we can deal with cognitive changes and complex health situations by providing special care. We always work with the safety and convenience of the patient in mind. As it is an aging disease it is not possible to provide services for this disease without special take care. 

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