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Slot types

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As a slot player, it is easy to log on to an online casino and get lost playing the hundreds of slot games available. But did you realise that there are lots of different slot types that function differently and serve their own purpose?

Let’s take a look at some and see why these slot types exist and discover the best mobile slots in 2021. You never know, you might discover your new favourite type of slot game.

Mobile slots

Let’s get the most obvious out of the way first. Mobile slots are a type of slot game where its purpose is handily described in its name. The point of mobile slots is to play them on your mobile. They are great for accessing online casinos on the move.

The hardware is perfect for slot games that take place over several screens.

Megaways slots

You will often come across slot games that you recognise with the word megaways slapped on the end. This is a slot type that usually keeps the core mechanics and them of the original slot game but changes the amount of ways a player can win.

This occurs as the number of symbols that can appear on a reel randomly changes during each spin. That leads to a lot more possible combinations.

Progressive jackpot slots

This is a slot type that is closest to a video game premise. Instead of spinning the reels and winning the multiplier applied to that pay line, the aim to keep on working toward one lump sum, or jackpot.

The slot player can achieve this by earning a certain group a symbols a number of times, filling a meter at the side of the reels or progressing through levels. Either way the aim of a progressive jackpot slot game is to get yourself to that jackpot.

Mega Spins Slots

The mega spin slot type is different to all the others as it is more than just one slot game.

This type of slot is not for everyone as it features many different slot games all on one screen. The stop start nature of slot games makes this possible and what happens on one set of reels may affect the outcome of another.

Slot players with long attention spans will want to give this slot type a try.

3, 5, 6 or more reels slots

Yes it is a bit mundane but the most frequent variance that slot players will come across is the amount of reels a slot game has. The minimum is 3 reels but you can more. It will take some experimentation to discover, but the amount of reels really does have an effect on how a slot plays.

More serious slot games and fruit machines elect to use 3 reels but there is no correlation between hit rates and number of reels.


These are just the most popular slot types that players are likely to come across on an online casino and there are even more out there to discover.

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